Yoga Gift Guide – Blogmas Day 3

Do you have a yoga lover in your life? Give the gift of om with this yoga gift guide!

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For years I’ve dabbled back and forth with my love for yoga. Sometimes it’s a solo love but for the past, while it’s been how hubby and I have been connecting. If you haven’t read it already, go check out my post called 6 Yoga Essentials For Your Home Practise. If you don’t have time right now, check out my visual guide below.

The gift of yoga itself is an awesome gift! I highly suggest the gift option through MyYogaWorks, click here to get my discount code.

If you want to know the basics of what any yogi needs for an at-home practice check out this post – 6 Essentials for Yoga at Home.

Yoga gift guide

  1. Mat bag – It can be awkward to carry around a yoga mat. Also, no one wants to be face down on a mat that’s been sitting bare on public transit, or in the trunk of their car that they never clean (you know it’s true!) Mat bags range from simple to complex with pockets and room for other gear.
  2. Yoga wheel – For anyone from beginner to advanced yoga wheels are great for practicing and perfecting backbends. Yoga wheels can also be used for advanced balance poses!
  3. Essential oils – Explore an even more sensory practice by incorporating essential oils. You can diffuse them, or apply them to the skin.
  4. Mat spray – Mats get gross, there’s no doubt about that. However, not all cleaners are made the same. Using a household cleaner may make a mat slippery, or lose its intended stickiness. Trust me, it’s no fun to face plant. Mat sprays range from scented by essential oils to unscented.
  5. Hot yoga towel – Like cleaners, towels are also not all made the same. Hot yoga towels are meant to go on top of your mat during Bikram or hot yoga classes to help you not slip. Usually they have a bit of grip on one side, or they’re microfibre and naturally, don’t slide.
  6. Yoga socks – Do you or a yogi you know travel a lot and not have the ability to take a may? Yoga socks are a good workaround. They give feet the staying power they need to get your namaste on anywhere, any time.

The Ultimate Yoga Gift Guide

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