A Glance Inside My Workspace

Let’s talk about workspaces. Do you have one?

No, I’m not talking about the place that you work at. What I mean is your personal workspace. Your desk at home, or maybe it’s a specific chair, or maybe even your bed!

For everyone it’s different.

My workspace is usually one of four places:

  1. In bed when I’m needing to be cozy.
  2. On my couch when I’m feeling lazy or if I’m wanting to multi-task (ie., bingeing Netflix while I write or create).
  3. At my desk in our room when I’m feeling organized.
  4. And last but certainly not least, a coffee shop.

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Regardless of whichever one it is, my three main components are a notebook, my phone, and my laptop.

Other than the obvious main three needs, each space really lends itself to me in a different way.

So often, I see bloggers with ideal offices, meticulously decorated and curated if you will. As much as that’s #goals, I like my simplicity. Sure, I’m not fancy. But that’s okay with me.

While some people will only work in that one, perfectly placed space, I like to keep my options open. I’ve always been someone who needs a change in their life, so my workspace(s) is no different. Static, same crap boredom? No thanks.

The least work-esque area is certainly the couch. Why? Just check out my the view below of what working from the couch looks like in my home [take pic of laptop on table with Peyton playing with toys/tv on] it may seem like chaos, and most of the time it is, but it’s real life, and that’s just how it needs to be sometimes.

To my other mama’s out there who are hustling as well, you get me, and I get you.

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A Peek Inside My Workspace - Wine and Mommy Time

The coffee house

One of my favourite places to work is in a coffee shop. For obvious reasons. I get to get out of the house. Get some snacks for me without a toddler stealing my food. It’s usually the most productive until I have to pee… Then I have to pack everything up, go to the bathroom, then unpack and start back up again. That shit is annoying. But hey, if you’re up against the bladder clock, you can pump out some pretty solid work. Speaking from experience.

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Aside from getting time to yourself, sometimes, if you’re lucky, something in the coffee shop will inspire a new post or multiple ones! Inspiration can be found anywhere. For instance, the place I usually go to, also has a health section, homemade gelato, delicious vegan/vegetarian food, artwork for sale, and so much more. And that doesn’t even cover the eavesdropping you get to do! Yep, sometimes I’m creepy. So sue me. Actually, don’t…

If coffee shops aren’t totally your thing, check out this post: Places Around Town to be Productive. It’s bound to get your mind whirling with places to go that don’t include your peanut butter covered couch.

A Peek Inside My Workspace - Wine and Mommy Time

My bed

Okay. Bed, I love you. Seriously. You’ve seen some stuff. Like the night I was in labor with Peyton. Good lord. I’ve binge-watched many a show on you. Have had happy and sad tears on you. The list goes on. While a bed isn’t the most ergonomic place to spend much time working, it’s a safe space. A relaxing space.

It’s also a good workspace for another reason. The size. Think about it. I can have notebooks scattered around, laptop, phone, tablet, baby monitor, pillows, and then there’s the nightstand, hello, great place for a glass of wine. I also keep my Himalayan salt lamp on my nightstand, because, balance.

Know what else is great about the bedroom? We don’t have a tv in here. So I’m a little less distracted. Speaking of, when was the last time you just relaxed in bed. Like actually relaxed. Maybe you need some self-time. If you want any idea’s for how to take time for yourself read my post called Self Care – The most important thing for mom’s.

A Peek Inside My Workspace - Wine and Mommy Time

My workspace/desk

To the desk! My desk isn’t conventional. It actually used to be my makeup vanity through junior high and high school! I removed the mirror and now it’s a cute little spot for me to look outside and write. The focal point in our bedroom is by far that amazing bay window, sometimes it’s hard to keep on track.

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My desk is where I keep the bulk of my writing/journaling elements such as my Tombow Brush Pens, Sharpie pens, and various other writing utensils. I also keep my Leuchtturm 1917 notebook there along with various sizes of post-it’s, washi tape, rulers, markers, highlighters, and crystals.

Yep, one of those things is not like the other right? Having my crystals in the window, by my serious space as I like to think of it as, brings me a little pep in my step. If you’re not in touch with healing crystals and want to know more, go look them up. They’re pretty awesome. While I’m not at a pro that can start elaborating a post on them, some easy Pinterest research can help you dip your spiritual, and mindful toe.

A Peek Inside My Workspace - Wine and Mommy Time

Man, I sure can get off topic. Well, it wasn’t totally off topic. It’s part of my space, dammit!

My desk space, aka serious space, is where I will plop myself down if I really need to dig deep and get a lot of work done. Maybe it’s overhauling my Pinterest. Or brainstorming some new blog posts. Maybe it’s even just sorting finances. Regardless. It’s where my most composed work happens.

So as you can see, each space if for a different mind space for me. And that’s okay. If you need structure and the same thing to produce work then that’s your thing. If you feel like you need to change it up much like myself that’s great as well. Regardless, it’s whatever works for you.

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I’d love to hear about how/where you work best. Do you have a certain spot in your home? Maybe some special chair. I’d love to know! Leave it in the comments below.

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A Look at a Real Blogger Workspace - Wine and Mommy Time

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