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Wine Wednesday? Wine Not?? I’m ha-larious, I know.

Funny enough, being Wine and Mommy Time, I have yet to even talk about wine. It’s pretty much my lifeblood, I mean it, making wine runs in my family, and enjoying it, well that’s just a given.

A little history…

Let’s take it back, waaaaay way back. I’m talking about my Dad in the old country, and by old country, I mean Istanbul, Turkey. If you are reading this and are a friend of mine or a family member, you know that I am pretty proud of my Greek heritage and shout it to the rooftops. “Umm Libby, Turkey is a different country, wth are you going on about?”. Glad you asked! So I have sort of been living a lie, well more or less my father does too. Now my Dad, who was born in Turkey, is half Turkish, half Greek, he was even in the Turkish military. However, he mainly acknowledges his Greek roots, for the sake of keeping this light-hearted, I will just say that there were differences in his family and keep it at that.

“Okay, so that info has what to do with wine?”. Another great question! My Dad’s father made wine, his father made wine, and so on, through the family, it went. Ever since before I was born, my father had been making wine, it’s his hobby, his love, it’s what he does. He doesn’t sell it, he just makes it to enjoy and share with friends. I’m not talking those wine kits you get from your local winemaking shop. He orders crates fresh grapes, crushes them the old school way (with his feet, in boots of course). Ferments, strains, ferment again, strain again, and so on. Until it’s just right, then bottles it and then drinks it.

If you come over to my parent’s house, any day or time of the week you will be greeted with a smile. The next question is “would you like a drink”. Which is my Dad’s way of offering up his labor of love. I grew up with it being such a casual and normal thing to have a glass at the dinner table. I didn’t notice until having dinner with friends and their families when I was older, that most people don’t enjoy a glass of vino with their meal. For Europeans, it is the norm, for North American’s not so much. To each their own but you can just hand me a glass of wine over a glass of milk any day please and thank you.

Wine Wednesday…

Needless to say, having wine in the title of my blog is just as much a part of me as being a mom, a wife and well, a human really. When I started this blog I wanted to keep to my roots, keep to what I know and be true to myself. And to you! So far I think I have done just that, however, it’s time to put the Wine into Wine and Mommy Time.

My goal, every Wednesday is to bring you Wine Wednesday, a post about wine, spirits, or beer basically. When I was brainstorming a wine post, tens of ideas just started flowing. Much like the magical elixir does from a bottle. So please kick back with your favorite bottle and tune in every Wednesday for a vino-inspired post. While you are waiting for next week’s first Wine Wednesday, check out some shots from this seasons batch of wine Geoff, Peyton and I helped my Dad with!

Wine and Mommy Time Presents Wine Wednesdays!Peyton’s tiny body wasn’t enough weight to crush the grapes so Geoff had to jump in himself and show the little guy how it’s done!

Wine and Mommy Time Presents Wine Wednesdays!14 crates, at 36 pounds a crate, we had a lot of work on our hands, and below our feet.

Wine and Mommy Time Presents Wine Wednesdays!I helped out after little man was changed. He was starting to get a little cold and cranky. It is October after all!

After a week the grapes were strained and put into smaller jugs to ferment further. Granted they are a few gallons each. We have a few glass ones in the size pictured and two twice the size. Dad is estimating about a 200+ bottle yield from this batch.

Wine and Mommy Time Presents Wine Wednesdays!After straining, we tasted a small sample of the week-old wine, wasn’t too bad. You could taste the juice starting to pick up some alcohol, it was pretty cool! In about a month from now, we will strain again.

Have you had or made homemade wine before? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

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