What Blogmas Taught Me

Guys and gals, it’s time to wrap up Blogmas. Yep, I’ve said it. It’s done. Want to know what blogmas taught me? Gear up because it was a lot!

Around the halfway mark I shared a bit about what Blogmas had taught me up until that point. You can read that at what blogmas has taught me so far.

Coming in to Blogmas I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough content. Worried that I wouldn’t be producing something interesting every single day and also that I wouldn’t have the time to do it. Boy was I wrong about all of that.

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What has Blogmas taught me?

No idea is bad

It’s better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all. I’m sure you’ve heard that saying. Writing applies. It’s better to have written and posted to have not written at all. The more you write, the more you develop your style. Usually the first few lines are the toughest ones to get out but once you get an idea flowing, oh buddy there’s no stopping. I learned that it was better to have written at least something than nothing at all. Not having anything to contribute during the holiday’s means your blog can get missed and slip away into the depths of the interwebs until the holidays are over. You don’t want that to happen. I used Blogmas as a way to stay relevant. And boy did it pay off.

My numbers went way up

I can honestly say that my readership has skyrocketed since taking on this challenge. What’s the big deal about that? Well, the more views you have, the better your stats. The better your stats, the better your chances are for signing on with affiliate networks. Which means money. Also, it’s a nice little ego boost! Not that I need it, but it gives me warm fuzzies seeing my numbers growing every day!

It wasn’t that hard or scary

I was nervous as hell to take this on in general. How could I possibly pump out a post per day, be a mom, a wife and work a full-time job? Well, guess what. I did it, so you can too. If anything, the fact that I was constantly thinking about it meant that I wasn’t running out of ideas.

It made writing a habit

Did you know that doing something for 21 days straight makes it a habit? It’s true! It became very habitual for me to sit down with my laptop while we were watching tv. I’d be writing, hanging out with hubby, and being productive. At this point, I don’t know that I will drop writing every day. Posting every day probably, however, we should be writing every day. Why? Because our blogs need content. There are so many other things you can be doing for your blog other than writing as well, I will get into those a little later on though.

Communicating with my hubby

A few days into Blogmas I told my amazing husband what I’d be up to for the month of December. That way he was in the loop and knew that I wasn’t just sitting on the laptop ignoring him. I think he’s liked seeing me busy with something I love and he’s spawned much more of an interest in it. Which is great! It’s easy to just get wrapped up in your writing, editing or whatever you are doing and not communicating your goals to your significant other. I personally think it’s important to keep that line open between the two of you. They will have a better understanding of what you do. To anyone who isn’t a blogger, this whole world probably seems very easy but we know it isn’t. Share your experiences with them, how can they get excited about something you’re not including them in?

Batching tasks

I had heard say about this mystical practice but hadn’t started doing it until Blogmas. Basically task batching is when you do like tasks together. For instance, doing all of your image editing at the same time, researching topics at the same time. Writing like posts at the same time means multiple pieces of content, done in less time! The references to this whole process could make up a post in and of themselves which I will certainly touch on in coming weeks so stay tuned!

How Blogmas Helped Me As A Blogger

My tips for you

Make a list in advance – or check out my post 75+ blogmas post ideas & topics

If you think about it, write it. It’s as simple as that!

Do things in batches. As mentioned above, do images in batches, editing in batches, etc.

Something is better than nothing. Also mentioned above, doing something keeps your creative juices flowing.

Things you can do for your blog that aren’t writing

As I mentioned above, there are things for your blog that you can do that aren’t writing. I know, that sounds counterproductive. But hear me out! Check out the list below that just may spark some extra productivity into your life!

  • Create opt-ins like checklists, guides, templates or a short ebook
  • Update your pinnable images
  • Brainstorm for digital products
  • Research affiliate programs/apply
  • Plan out your social media strategy
  • Re-organize your Pinterest boards/content
  • Engage with other bloggers by commenting on posts
  • Posting on your social media/replying to comments
  • Scroll Pinterest and make a secret board of inspiration for future posts

If you took part in Blogmas this year, what did you learn? Let me know in the comments below!

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