First Week of Tailwind Review

For some time now I’ve been focusing on the reach of my brand as a whole. I’ve certainly upped my Instagram following and it’s doing really well. Now, it’s time to focus on the biggest traffic driver there is. Pinterest. So, I did it, I finally bought a year’s subscription to Tailwind. Heres my Tailwind review from less than one week of use.

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Buying a Tailwind subscription has been on my to-do list for quite some time. Why? Because any blogger will tell you that Tailwind is one of, if not the best thing you can do to boost your blog.

If you approach Pinterest like a social media platform, you’re doing it all wrong.

Pinterest is a visual search engine. Think about it. What do you go to Pinterest for? Recipes, blogging tips, parenting tips and beauty hacks right? Well, today people are more intrigued by scrolling something with images, rather than a bunch of headings. In other words, Pinterest beats Google, hands down.

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Frankly, Tailwind subscriptions aren’t pricey, by any means. You can go the monthly route, or the yearly route, which is what I opted for, pay once for the year and done, easy. Not to mention, the price is better for a year then it is monthly. It worked out to a bit more than $10/month, not too shabby!

So, what did it do for me? A week after signing up and filling up my queue, all of a sudden, my blog views broke my highest month ever. In one week.

Results from just one week with Tailwind

That’s right, more than one month’s views, in a week. Well frankly just under. I didn’t actually start loading up my queue until a couple of days over.

The day I purchased Tailwind, I also signed up for a Pinterest course I had my eye on. Elna Cain’s Pinterest Perfection Masterclass.

I’ve loved Elna’s helpful posts since before I started blogging, and honestly, she’s genuinely so sweet. I look up to her as not only a girl boss, but as a mom who’s totally rocking it with twins at home, and growing what I consider an empire. Women like her inspire the heck out of me and I’m more than happy to share her course with you. It’s the best $19 I’ve invested thus far in my blog. The fact that you get lifetime access to the course is also a huge plus.

I can’t wait to see where Tailwind takes me, but don’t you worry, I’ll be keeping you posted!

Click here to get $15 off Tailwind and to start your free trial!

What have been your biggest traffic drivers for your blog? Share your experience below!

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Results from just one week with Tailwind

One thought on “First Week of Tailwind Review

  1. I’m glad to see how much tailwind has improved your traffic on pinterest. So far I have been manually pinning like a mad woman and my pinterest strategy is working but…manual pinning is exhausting! After seeing your great results I think I’ll invest in tailwind! Thank you!

    Liz | Pitter Patter Of Baby Feet

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