Our One Week Vegetarian HelloFresh Review

Our Vegetarian HelloFresh Review

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Last week we did a glorious thing. A wonderful, time saving, delicious, glorious thing. We ordered from HelloFresh for the first time.

Being a mom, and wife, and working full time doesn’t leave much time for anything. Especially when it comes to meals through the week for hubs and I. So I took a chance on this program.

Program overview

First off, I’ve done food order in the past. However, it was from a personal trainer and was pretty damn pricey, and not all too filling. Tasty as heck, but not super filling.

I’ve heard of a few other companies like HelloFresh and I love the no waste concept. If you’re not familiar, let me break it down for you. For the sake of this review, I’m going to talk about how HelloFresh works.

There are three options when you’re signing up for your first box. Pronto Plan, Family Plan, and Veggie Plan. I’m pescatarian, and hubby eats meat from time to time, but since I don’t eat poultry or red meat, we opted for the Veggie Plan. Once you choose your plan, you pick how many nights you want meals for, and how many people you’re feeding, it really is that easy! Check out the plan descriptions below.

Image courtesy of HelloFresh.ca

Everything in the box is pre-portioned, all you need to have on hand from time to time is olive oil or table salt, that’s it. Even down to a mini bottle of sherry vinegar if the recipe calls for it. Right down to fresh herbs, spices, if you need one tomato. The concept is to have little to no waste, and I’m totally down with that because frankly, the amount of waste you will have from some fancy recipe you find online is going to be insane. Especially if it calls for fresh herbs, I find you only end up using a couple of pieces and the rest end up in the trash, awful.

Each item is packed individually, into a bag, and then each of the bags is put into the meal bag.

Upon unboxing, you’ll find the recipe sheets, and in your first order, info books on their company values!

Really great to know they strive for sustainability and support local business.

How it all works

Every order comes in an insulated box with freezer packs to keep everything great for when you can get it from your front door.

Frankly, I love the packaging, it’s super cute! I just pop my whole box in the fridge for when I’m ready to break it down.

In my case, I actually have it delivered to my parents since my mom comes over to look after my son through the week. We’re in a condo which doesn’t have concierge like our last one so this is the best way for us.

While this is technically a reoccurring plan, meaning that it auto-ships each week with new recipes. You can easily skip a week. Maybe you won’t be in town, or maybe you have other plans, or, maybe the recipes that week don’t tickle your fancy. No worries, just skip and no harm done.

Veggie HelloFresh unboxing review

Well hello, my pretties!

Meal 1

The first dish was a great intro. It was an open-faced roasted portobello mushroom melt. A ciabatta sandwich, with buffalo mozzarella and sweet potato fries and tomato onion jam.

My apologies for how dark this picture came out but I was starving, and it looked delicious.

And by the way, it totally was!

Yes, I made jam. In under 30 minutes.

Actually, the whole dish, start to finish, took under 30 minutes! Well, if you take out the whole picture taking part…

Being someone who hates onions, I was a little, scratch that, a lot worried. Luckily, I didn’t need to be because it turned out delicious! If I hadn’t been given all of the ingredients and was kind of forced to make this, I would have skipped the jam. But, I’m so glad I stuck to the recipe and made it because honestly, it really tied it all together.

My husband didn’t eat it when he got home late from work, so my mom actually ate it for lunch the next day. She said that it actually kept really well considering it was jam on a bun, in a fridge, overnight!

Meal 2

My second meal was dukkah roasted cauliflower with bulgar wheat, sweet potatoes, and a lemon yogurt sauce.

Truth be told, this plate doesn’t even show what a true, half portion of this recipe made. But my cute plate is small.

Trust me, this was a feast and a half of roasted veggie goodness!

I had never heard of dukkah before but the scent of those herbs and spices was incredible. I loved how it added a great crunch to the bulgar wheat and really set for an interesting flavor profile. Kind of smokey, kind of nutty, a little bit of a spicy kick.

This particular dish took me around 30 minutes as well, honestly, I think it may have been less even!

My husband got to have this dish and he was really impressed. We both couldn’t get over how large the serving was, we were absolutely stuffed, and then some, from this recipe. Now, all I need to do is find out what exactly the mix of spices for dukkah is, and I can make it again!

Meal 3

The final dish of the week was halloumi with charred vegetables.

Halloumi and charred veggies from HelloFresh

Seriously, how gorgeous is this? I could really go for this right now…

Let me just say, it was the perfect way to end the week. I love halloumi. If you’ve never had it, it’s like the texture of super firm tofu that’s been pressed, but the saltiness of feta or the cheese used to make saganaki. It has an interesting mouthfeel to it as well, an oddly gratifying squeaky chew. Which I know sounds super weird but you really just have to try it. Halloumi can be grilled, baked or if you’re fancy, flambeed!

Charred veggies are great, especially if you do them on the BBQ. In my case, since I don’t have one at our condo, I opted to switch out the suggested non-stick pan for a cast iron skillet. The outcome was awesome.

Unlike myself, this was the first time hubby had halloumi. This dish, he actually brought to work the next day and I received a text saying “what is this cheese stuff and why haven’t I had it before?” I think that speaks for itself.

My overall vegetarian HelloFresh review

All of these wonderful recipes came with lovely recipe cards that I will certainly be keeping and making in the future. Actually… I’ve already made the halloumi dish again. And I plan on making the other’s again soon. 

One thing I have to say about my time this week with HelloFresh is that I actually enjoyed cooking dinner. Usually, it’s “oh gosh, what am I going to whip up tonight to sustain us.” This week was really fun. It was like a little culinary adventure in a box, and frankly, it made me enjoy cooking after I got home from work.

Veggie HelloFresh pre-portioned ingredients

How gratifying is that, for everything to be portioned, prepped and ready to go?

What it did for our family

My mom and I talked about it and she made a really good point. How often do I go from work to the grocery store, then shop for the items, then come home, then give up on making the dinner I wanted to because it was getting too late. Like all the time. And I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

Making dinner on a work night usually turns into, making lunch for the next day, because I’m starving, and am now eating cereal while I cook. Yeah. working mom/wife life, she sure is glamorous.

This whole week, I’ve felt like I’ve been winning at mom-ing, and wife-ing, because I’ve had more time at home, doing things I actually want to be doing. Spending time with my husband, and son. Rather than inside a grocery store.

The cost, when you break it down to what you would pay for each ingredient, per recipe, is really good. And the fact that there is nearly zero food waste, is a huge plus in my book.

HelloFresh was easy because it was all ready to go in my fridge. With recipe cards that were very, very easy to follow. They also have an app which will bring you through voice prompts, I haven’t tried that yet, but I will! Truth be told… Our next box just arrived, and I can’t wait to open it!

Share your personal experience with HelloFresh in the comments below for others to read!

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