20+ Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcements

Love is in the air, and for some, it may just be in their belly! No, I’m not talking about chocolate cake, I’m talking about Valentines Day pregnancy announcements!

I’m noticing a theme. People are really loving holiday themed pregnancy announcements! So, with Valentine’s Day coming up, let’s check out some super cute Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcements!

If you’re currently pregnant, congratulations! Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to tell the world by using one of the ideas I found! You’re in for a heck of a ride, let me tell you.

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It’s amazing to me how many people are anti V-Day. Sure, I’m on the whole, love your significant other all the time train. However, it’s fun to have a day dedicated to love. Show love for your friends, your family, maybe a hobby, it’s your call on how you do it.

That said, Valentine’s Day was a hilarious movie and I watch it damn near every February.

This one day, while some may think is just a Hallmark holiday, is kind of the perfect time to announce that your heart is growing a bit bigger. Scratch that, it’s going to grow a whole lot bigger if you have a little one on the way!

Fun fact, people born in February were conceived in May. Adversely, babies conceived on Valentine’s day will be born end of October, or beginning of November! So basically, if you want a fall baby, get on it.

20+ Valentines Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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Get this sign on Etsy

Source unknown

Found on Pinterest

As seen on Tumblr

Another Etsy find


This whole shoot is amazing!

As seen on Pinterest

Another Pinterest find

That cake though!

You guessed it, Pinterest!

Another cute Pinterest find!

Say it with candy

Oh those little Toms

Twins announcement!

Say it with siblings

Fur sibling love

What could be sweeter?

Source unknown

Simple and sweet

Ultrasound Valentine

Big sister to be

So ellegant

An adorable family affair

Okay, so now that my ovaries are screaming. Let’s just stop right here.

Some of those ideas are so darn cute I can’t even handle it. From kids to pets, to simple signs. There are so many ways to tell your friends, family and the world you’re expecting this Valentine’s Day!

I’d love to hear how you broke the news about your pregnancy! Leave it in the comments below for others to see.

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20+ Valentines Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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