The Ultimate Guide to Wine for Every Occasion – Wine Wednesday

Do you ever stress about which wine to bring to a given event? I do. I know, first world problems. But think about it. When you’re invited to a party, a dinner, or even just a night in with the girls, you’re not showing up empty handed right? Right. If you answered wrong, then where are your manners? I’m here to help you with wine for every occasion.

Even if you’re showing up with a two buck chuck, at least it’s something. It shows you give a bit of a damn. Or maybe you’re bringing the ice cream, that’s fine too!

However, this is Wine Wednesday. So obviously, you’re not here to talk about ice cream. Well, that wouldn’t be such a bad idea… Ben and Jerry are very close friends of mine… But I digress.

So, how do you choose what’s right for your specific event?

Let me be your guide!

The Ultimate Wine Guide for Every Occasion - Wine Wednesday - Wine and Mommy Time

Dinner with Mom
Chardonnay. Why? Because it’s easy. It’s pretty much the most basic thing you can get, but let’s be honest. You’re mom will appreciate you brought her anything and frankly, that oaky goodness goes pretty awesome with popcorn. Why does popcorn matter? Because you’ll probably be snacking, because mom never lets you leave hungry. Just bring the chardonnay.

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Steak Dinner
Cabernet Sauvignon! Like I said before, it’s what you’d typically grab for a dinner party. But if you save this for that special, juicy, steak dinner with your babe, neither one of you will regret it. Cab Sav is perfect for steak.

A fruity red blend, or sangria. Why? Because it’s a great way to prime yourself for the chance of fruity cocktails. It’s easy drinking, goes down smooth, and if the cab is there early it’s a glass you can down in a flash. No brainer.

Seafood Dinner/Sushi
Sauvignon Blanc. Yes, it’s acidic, but it acts like as if you were squirting lemon onto a nice salmon filet. I love sushi. Honestly, my first year in Vancouver, the sushi place down the street is what kept me alive. When the hubs and I are ever in doubt, it’s always our go-to.

Dinner Party
Syrah. Probably the main reason why you checked out this post, what to bring to a dinner party. Syrah is spicy and wonderfully exotic. It’s a great pairing to meat, especially steak, pork or anything along those lines. I know most people would grab for a Cab Sav or a Merlot when heading to a dinner party but really, give Syrah a try next time!

Meeting the Parents/Family
Grenache-based reds. You’re probably super nervous to meet the family for the first time. You probably want to start off on the right foot. Give them something to remember you by. Grenache-based reds pair really nicely with a lot of things so you won’t have to worry about what they are serving. Also, even if they are not wine drinkers, at the very least you will leave an impression that you’re not too basic.

Riesling! When you’re eating a meal full of salty bacon, syrupy waffles and rich egg’s benny, an off-dry riesling is a wonderful way to compliment it all. Or, the obvious, champagne, with a splash of orange juice, a mimosa duh. Bonus points if you switch out orange juice for something like grapefruit juice or even a berry juice! Yum!

You got a promotion
Merlot. Why? Because you’re probably going to have a huge slice of chocolate cake, because you friggin deserve it you rockstar!

You got fired
Tequila. No wine will be able to soothe you the way tequila will in this circumstance. Or, a two buck chuck because well, that savings is going to run out quick if you’re spending it all on patron. I’m so sorry…

Rose! Rose all dayyyyyy!! It’s fun, it’s pretty, it’s flirty and well, it’s wonderful. I love a good rose. Especially in social settings. Okay, so maybe you might not be able to drink in public, like at a beach or a park. But if you are in a place that you can, go for the pretty pink vino.

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A hot summer night
Pino Grigio! As Ramona from RHONY would say, where’s the pinot, it’s turtle time! Okay, maybe you don’t know who Ramona is, or what turtle time is. But what’s better on a hot summer night than a nice cold glass of pino grigio? Nothing my friend, nothing at all.

A celebration
Champagne or sparkling wine, duh. No brainer, but this list wouldn’t be complete without it! Pop bottles baby because it’s time to par-tay!

That should cover nearly all situations I believe! Make sure to share with your friends, especially the ones who are known to show up empty handed ;).

The Ultimate Wine Guide for Every Occasion - Wine Wednesday - Wine and Mommy Time

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