Time Saving Hacks for Moms – quit grocery shopping!

Time Saving Hacks for Moms

As mom’s, we have a lot going on. And I’ve been asked a lot lately to give my time-saving hacks for mom’s, especially mom’s who are having a hard time balancing work, marriage, kid(s), and life!

How do you manage it all? This is a question I get a lot. From coworkers, family, friends, and even people on social media.

My answer, I actually don’t have time for it all, and frankly, I don’t do it all.

Do you honestly believe that I have time to develop content, be a mom, do laundry, make meals, grocery shop, work a full-time job, and be a wife? I totally don’t. There are only 24 hours in a day, 7 of which I sleep, 8 of them I work a full-time job. Sometimes shower… Sometimes. Related post: Self-Care – the most important thing for moms

Y’all know I love apps right? Well, apps help me human, as well as mom, and wife.

Now, I’m not saying I’m lazy, but I would prefer to be doing things like hanging out with my son than grocery shopping and wracking my brain for dinner recipes. By the time I get home from work, the last thing I want to do is go back out, to a busy grocery store and spend time shopping, probably not find everything I need, and then get home to realize that I forgot stuff too. Oh, and then I need to prep and cook said food. So then basically when it’s all said and done I’m shoveling food into my face by like 8 or 9 pm and getting my son ready for bed. Yeah, that’s a really great way to spend my night after working all night. Not.

So, I let apps do it for me.

To listen to me talk about this, check out the podcast episode which goes with this post!
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Did you know that tons of stores have either a pickup or grocery delivery service? When it comes to pick up services, some places don’t even advertise it, but they do it. Just call and ask!

Before I really get into this all, I just need to give a little public service announcement. Not all services are created equal. Some have additional service fees, because duh, it’s a service. Some require a commitment, others you can cancel at any time. You may or may not be able to use debit. There can be tons of other factors. Just be sure to read the fine, or not so fine print!

One thing that most of them seem to have is that you can choose your time/day to pick up or have delivered.

Did you know Walmart has a pickup service? And in some places delivery too! Check out your local Walmart, or their website for more info.

Room Service HFX

When we moved back to the east coast, there weren’t any delivery services at that time. However, an old friend of mine started a business called Room Service HFX, where he, and his brothers, deliver nearly anything you need until 3 am. It’s amazing, at the moment their delivery zone is downtown and a bit further, but they are growing!

Atlantic Superstore Click and Collect

I have been using Atlantic Superstore click and collect, which is where you do all of your shopping online, select a time slot and pick it up in the designated parking space at the store. What I like about click and collect is that you will do all of your shopping online. And you have until midnight to edit your order as many times over as you like before it finalizes for your pickup.

The only downside is that they don’t do same-day service.

Time saving hacks for mom - give up grocery shopping

SaveOn Foods

When I was a new mom, I used a grocery service through SaveOn Foods when we were still in British Columbia. The delivery people were always so nice and always offered to bring my groceries into my kitchen and unpack them into my fridge. Seriously, amazing. They also offer a pickup option as well.

One thing I liked about the SaveOn program was that you could even order same-day, which you can’t do with the Atlantic Superstore Click and Collect.


There is an app, which is available in many cities, which partners with various grocers. Here in Halifax, it currently works with Superstore. It’s called Instacart, and frankly, I’m obsessed. I use it on a regular basis because of the following:

  • The shopper will message you through the app if something isn’t available or needs a substitution, or you can ask for a refund
  • You can message the shopper if you forgot to put something on your list, or if you changed your mind on something
  • It tells you what they’ve already put in the cart, and what’s left to be shopped
  • GPS tracking when they’re driving to you
  • The ability to see past orders
  • Rating your experience and tipping after it’s done

You can even include delivery instructions, for instance, we don’t have a buzzer for our condo, so I ask them to text me on arrival, and they do! Love them!


Other than using Instacart, HelloFresh has been a massive time saver. No thinking of what I want to cook for the week, and then shopping for it. HelloFresh sends me an insulated box of pre-portioned ingredients with in-depth recipes that are ready in 30 minutes or less. How cool is that? You can read about my first experience with them here!

For the record, I’ve ordered nearly every week since then, so you could say I’m hooked. They have vegetarian plans (which is what we use), family, and pronto. You choose how many people you want to feed, and for how many days. Select your delivery day of the week, leave any special delivery instructions if needed and boom. Dinner sorted. Plus, their goal is to give families, people, and couples healthy, locally sourced, fresh ingredients, so that’s pretty rad.

Use my link to get your first 3 plates free! (If you make a purchase within this link, Wine and Mommy Time will earn a commission, with no extra charge to you!)

Don’t forget to listen to the Podcast that goes along with this post! I get into much more details about my experiences with all of the above!

What time-saving hack do you utilize? Share it below in the comments!

Have you tried any grocery services? I’d love to hear about your experience as well!

Time saving hacks for mom - give up grocery shopping

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