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I can remember back to the planning stages of getting ready for Peyton. Even with just having one baby on the way, being a first-time mom is scary as hell. While I obviously don’t have twins, I do know that twins are becoming more and more common. One of my coworkers in fact, just found out she is having twins, a boy, and a girl!

This got me to thinking, are the needs of twins different than the needs of one?

Obviously, things like cribs, car seats, swaddles, bottles and so much more are normal necessities for any baby. I was thinking though, are there any cool gadgets, tips or tricks to taking home multiples? There has to be. What might work for one baby, may not work when doubled, or even tripled.

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Not going to lie, the idea of bringing home two babies, as a new, first-time mom, terrifies the hell out of me. But, then when you really think of it… It’s like you’re getting the most difficult, and unique circumstance first. Which means you don’t have the assumed scenario that you would if you had a single child your first birth, then multiples second. Not that mother nature can help it, but I think having multiples first is probably best case scenario. You get thrown into the thick of it the first (or only) time around and that becomes your normal.

Luckily for my coworker, she’s having both a boy and a girl! So exciting! No racking their brains for two girl names or two boy names, they get one of each! Lucky buggers.

After searching Pinterest, doing a lot of reading and weighing the pros and cons of what I had come across, I thought it would be better if I just compile everything I found, that was pin worthy mind you, and put it in one place. Consider this the Ultimate Twins Resource Roundup. I’ve done the click work for you, now you can just scroll through and click away.

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Twins Resources

Breastfeeding Twins
First off, I love the name of Joanne’s blog. Secondly, she is another mom, who gives great advice on the topic of twins. She’s honest, real and super helpful. Even as a singular baby household, there is a lot you could learn on the breastfeeding front from this mama.

Essential Items for Breastfeeding Twins
Aside from advice on how to breastfeed twins, you need to touch on what you need for breastfeeding. From pumping bag must-haves to app’s, pillows and more. Check out this handy post for more.

Twins Registry Checklist
I love this resource. While there are a few things that I would probably change, like bottle preference and such, the basics of what to register for are great. She also has some other tidbits about becoming a twins mom after having an only child beforehand. She also has a free resource guide for bringing home twins available on her blog.

Must-Haves for Newborns & Twins
This post is put together by a mom of twins who lives abroad, travels and is very practical in her choices. If you want the run down on necessities rather than “nice-to-have” splurges she will keep it real with you. Worth the read and very relatable for moms of singles or multiples.

Twin Registry Ideas
More ideas of what to add to your registry. Did you know they make feeding pillows for twins? I didn’t! A link to where you can get them and what they are called is in this post. Along with what you should get two of and what you don’t. This is a great source.

Must-Have’s for Twin Babies and Mama’s
While your babies need things, so do you, as a mama. Yes, their needs are important but this wonderful mama of multiples also has a Facebook support group for mom’s in your same predicament. Check out her suggestions and also get in touch with other multiple mama’s. You are certainly not alone.

How to Prepare for and Survive Your First Year with Twins
This is a great and honest guide on how to survive your first year of twin-dom. New mom-hood isn’t easy but there are always ways to cope. Check out these words of wisdom from a mom who keeps it very honest and how you can learn from her.

How to Take Care of Twins & Still Get Stuff Done
She does it again. Another great resource from Sleeping Should Be Easy. This working mom tells you the do’s and donts about caring for your twins and how to keep your sanity. Or at least try. She’s to-the-point and oh so helpful.

For More Helpful Articles…

Check out my Pinterest board, titled Parenting Twins! I keep adding to it as I see more and more resources. Follow that board to get updates as I find them.

Wine and Mommy Time Resources

While I don’t have twins, I have also written some post’s on must-haves, and some of the things we’ve loved along the way thus far with our little man.

The Ultimate Sleep Aid
Baby sleeping essentials are by far the most utilized tools, especially for newborns. In this post, I talk about what our favourite is and why we love it so much.

Gender Neutral Nurseries
While this isn’t about baby gear, planning your nursery is a fun way to get your mind off of that checklist that’s keeping you up at night. I personally used to dream of my ultimate dream home, nowadays I feel like it’s all about that perfect dream nursery.

Self-Care for Mom’s
You’re important too mama! Spend some time pampering yourself. I break down some ideas on how to find the time and what to do with that oh so precious time you’ve gotten just for you.

When Breastfeeding Fails
While many will tell you breast is best. Bottom line, fed is best. Check out my account of how my breastfeeding dreams were dashed and how I came to terms with it.

16 Trial and Error Baby Products
Some baby items are total flops, while some things are necessary. Through becoming a mom I have found some really great things that have made life so much easier. I have also wasted money on things that seemed to be awesome that were a total fail. Check it out!

25% Off Newborn Baby Bundle Promotion

I know, it’s a lot to take in. Growing a human is a lot of work, growing two is even more. Getting ready for your babies to get here doesn’t have to be rocket science, and even though it’s overwhelming and it may feel like it at times, you’re not the first, last, and you certainly aren’t alone.

Reach Out

The interwebs have brought a lot more resources our way, some crappy, and others which are nothing shy of genius. Use it to your advantage. Hunt through Pinterest, search out message boards and Facebook groups. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other mom’s you see on Instagram or otherwise. They’ve been in your shoes and I’m sure are more than happy to tell you where they bought that diaper bag you’ve been eyeing, or that oh so relatable tank top.

We’re more connected than ever and trust me when you’re home with those bundles on your own, once hubby has gone back to work and the in-laws have left, that keyboard will become your new BFF. So hang in there, this bumpy, crazy ride is on its way and whether you are ready or not, it’s all for you!

If you’ve found this post helpful or if you know someone who’s having twins please feel free to share!

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Also, I’d love to hear from you in the comments if you’ve found some other great resources and items that have helped you as a twin mommy.


The Ultimate Twins Resource

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