The Perfect Gift Guide for Him – Blogmas Day 6

Are you wracking your brain for what to get your man for Christmas? Here comes a guide that isn’t just pajamas, socks and underwear. No, this a gift guide for him! A gift guide of things he wants but probably has been neglecting to buy for himself.

2018 Gift Guide for Him

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Touchscreen gloves

Is there anything more annoying than the struggle of using your phone with gloves? Well, there is… But don’t let cold fingers be the reason why your texts are going unreturned! Enter touchscreen gloves. You can get them in knit, or leather which I came across in my searches.

Stylish headphones

If your guy is anything like mine, he runs his through the wash, loses them, you name it. Get him a set of actual headphones, not earbuds. He will thank you, and you will thank yourself when he’s watching some late night hockey in bed – tis the season!

Chic watch

I’m not talking Rolex here, but there’s something about a man with a timepiece. It’s Uber sophisticated looking. I love how stylish they are now, compared to the crap digital ones with velcro straps when we were in middle school. Watches have come a long way. Maybe it’s an Apple watch, Garmin, a wooden one, or a sleek one, there are so many to choose from.

Electric shaver

Probably something he doesn’t replace as much as he should. Between face and manscaping, those babies get a lot of mileage over time, and chances are, he isn’t cleaning it properly. Do some research first because not electric shavers all are made alike. I can guarantee the response to unwrapping will be “I’ve been meaning to get a new one!”

Beard bib

Admittedly, maybe this is more for you. The first time I saw these I thought they looked stupid. That same day hubby shaved, and I’ve wanted one ever since. Maybe this will be the year… Beard bibs go around his neck and then attach to your mirror. Keeping all of his trimmings contained in one spot until they’re ready to flush or rinse down the sink. Keeping your counters clean and clipping free!

Beer or wine kit

Does your guy like to unwind after a long day with a pint of beer or a glass of wine? Pick up a kit! A beer kit or a wine kit to be exact. Or, better yet, pick up a brewing package if your local microbrew or wine shop offers them on location! Many winemaking suppliers offer options to make wine in their locations which is a great hobby for both of you.

RFID blocking wallet

No one needs a velcro wallet being whipped out at dinner. Also, no one needs their identity being stolen! Pick up a nice leather, or vegan leather (pleather) RFID wallet.

Whiskey rocks

Don’t let that nice whiskey you bought him for Christmas get watered down. Whiskey rocks sit in the freezer until you need them, they won’t melt or water your bevy down. Also, you can use them in other drinks as well, and they look cool.

Overnight bag

That gym bag or backpack are probably getting pretty ratty, also, they’re not very pleasing to the eye. Having a nice overnight bag is like the difference of you using a lunch bag as a purse. Give him the option to have something nice he can pack his skivvies in. Not only will he look worldly at the airport, but he’ll finally look like he’s getting out of that bachelor stage. Win win!

Toiletries bag

You have a makeup bag, he should have a toiletries bag. Simple as that. It’s not hot to be toting grocery bags with your shaving, grooming and hygiene needs. Not hot at all. Do the right thing by him, and you, get a cute (but masculine) toiletries bag.

Bluetooth speaker

Does your guy listen to music when he’s getting ready, or when yall are just hanging out? Probably from his cell phone right? Mine too. As convenient as it is, it has that rough around the edges sound which isn’t so smooth and is a little bit tin-like. Bluetooth speakers are a great thing to add to your home. Maybe it’s an Echo Dot, Alexa, or even a shower speaker! Plus it’s kind of a gift for you, so that’s always nice.

Tile Mate

Is he constantly losing stuff? You’re probably pretty sick of constantly having to tell him where he left the remote, car keys, his phone charger, etc. No more having to sigh and point in plain sight. Tile Mate is a Bluetooth tracker that you can put on darn near anything. It operates off of an app on your phone which you know will always be within reach. Plus, they’re water resistant, so if your kid starts chewing on it, you should be pretty good.

What would you add to this list? Leave it in the comments below!

2018 Gift Guide for Him

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