How I Planned the Perfect Gender Reveal Party

Planning for the reveal…

Hi my name is Libby and I’m a planner.

I live for lists, organizing and planning things. I’m sure you know that by now. Before I even got pregnant I knew I wanted to do a gender reveal party. Much less, that I needed to know the gender of baby-to-be so I could prepare. If you don’t want to find out all the power to you. Being stuck to buying gender-neutral, yellow or green are just not something I was going to do. We managed to narrow our sites down to one girl name and one boy name. The girl name was really hard for us to come to, boy names not an issue.

Gender Reveal Facebook Invite - Wine and Mommy Time

Getting the ultrasound…

My ultrasound was scheduled at the beginning of the week we were planning on doing the party. I spent so much time worrying that the ultrasonographer would not be able to see Jr’s gender. It was all I could think of. After all, the whole party was relying on finding out! When we were in the room with our tech she asked us if we had any names chosen, we told her both.

After turning from side to side, emptying my bladder in hopes of movement the little peanut finally moved enough. Our tech said she knew what baby Ormond’s name would be! We did not want to find out at the appointment. I told her that we wanted her to write it down on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope. That way we could give it to a friend of mine who offered to bake our reveal cake. This meant that someone in my office would know the gender and I wouldn’t! I avoided her, at work a lot. Which was hard to do because we would always go on break together, lunch, everything. It was so hard not to peek on my way to work that day with the envelope in my bag. Especially since my train ride was about 45 minutes.

Gender Reveal Party Food - Wine and Mommy Time

Choosing how to reveal…

With just having had moved within a couple of weeks of the party our new place still wasn’t quite up to snuff so I knew I would need to do a lot of work to pull this party off. Luckily I had been compiling gender reveal ideas on Pinterest and was able to start narrowing down what I would like to try to do. A few weeks before I made the Facebook event and invited our friends.

The hardest part about planning the reveal was deciding what way we would do it. There are so many ideas on Pinterest. I actually compiled a board, so if you are searching for inspiration check it out! From pinatas, to cakes, to cupcakes to paint, to balloons! The possibilities are endless. As are decor ideas for the party.

When I was searching for decor ideas, the next part I had to think about was food. How do you choose food that screams gender reveal? Well it isn’t hard to find inspiration for that, however, most ideas are pretty time consuming. We made a batch of blue and pink cookies, other than that it was blue and pink candy along with a normal fruit and veggie tray.

Shopping for the party…

Most party stores have gender reveal party items too, when we were looking Julie came across plates, napkins and all sorts of things. We picked them up, along with a banner for our apartment door, I was pretty happy with them!

My biggest point of advice would be: don’t stress over it. People are mainly coming to see what the result will be, this isn’t a whole big production, save the registries for your baby shower. One suggestion I would make is maybe say something in your invite that it isn’t a present-bringing situation, it will ease the stress on your guests who may think they need to bring something.

After a trip to the dollar store in the office building I work in, I managed to collect most of the items I needed. There were just a few other things to get at Michael’s and a few other places with my friend Julie. We managed to get everything I wanted. After that I asked for her help in slaving away at getting decor started since the party was the next day. She stayed until late that night and I was so grateful!

Since our party was going to be on a Friday night after work, Keri-Rose (my trusty cake baker, and coworker) delivered the cake to our place. I was so in love! It came out exactly as I hoped, now I just had to wait to cut it open in less than 24 hours. Knowing that the answer to our little one’s gender was in our fridge was a very odd feeling. It took every ounce of my being to not cut it open that night, but I persevered and went to bed.

Gender Reveal Party Decor - Wine and Mommy Time

The day of the party…

Since the party would be shortly after work, Katherine, another one of my friend’s and coworker’s came over to help me setup, finish the decor and bake some blue and pink cookies to go along with all of the other blue and pink sweets. Julie arrived shortly after Katherine and I got home and we all pulled off a really cute table of goodies.

Along with having snacks and sweets we also had some mardi gras beads. Blue and pink. As guests would arrive we would tell them to select the color they thought baby Ormond would be. We also had a board of wives tales describing symptoms which were supposed to tell you if you were having a boy or girl. We let people record their names on a chalkboard of their guesses as well.

People started arriving and I was getting more and more excited. To be honest, I just had a feeling that I would be seeing blue when we cut into the cake. The time came. Geoff and I cut into the beautiful cake and blue jelly beans poured out! I can’t say that I felt surprised, it was more or less that I felt validated. We also chose to reveal that we would be naming our newly found out boy, Peyton!

Gender Reveal Party - Wine and Mommy Time

Gender Reveal Cake - Wine and Mommy Time

How I Planned Our Perfect Gender Reveal Party - Wine and Mommy Time

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