45 Stocking Stuffers for Men – Blogmas Day 18

Blogmas day 18! It’s time for stocking stuffers. Specifically, stocking stuffers for men!

Stockings are that awkward thing that you can’t quite get gifts in to. You don’t know if you should wrap or not wrap. Do you open it on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? What are the rules even? I’ll never know.

But, there’s something so fun about them. Maybe it’s because it’s like when we were kids and we’d buy those $1 mystery loot bags. It’s a bag type thing, filled with a bunch of random crap. For some reason, we’d always look forward to them though!

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How is it that men can sometimes be the hardest people to buy for? Every year, without fail. I feel like I don’t need to prepare too much for shopping for the hubby. Each time, I also end up pulling my hair out and scrambling on Christmas Eve.

Luckily, thanks to Blogmas, I’m being forced to think in advance. Thank you Blogmas. This year I will be prepared, and in turn, you will be too!

Shopping for men shouldn’t be as hard as we make it out to be. They need socks and underwear just as much as we do. They need toiletries, naturally. And then there are snacks. Easy right? But what about other things, unique, interesting things. Things they’ll enjoy.

Stocking stuffers for men

45 Stocking Stuffers for Men - Blogmas Day 18

Do you have any other ideas? Share below in the comments!

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45 Stocking Stuffers for Men - Blogmas Day 18

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