21 Blogging Tasks You Can Do From Your Smartphone

Smartphone blogging is a real thing. Especially if you’re a mommy blogger. Or, a mom who blogs! But what productive things can you actually do from your phone? I’ve got a list of 21 things for you!

The struggle of finding time to get to a computer is really real as a mom. A couple of weeks ago, I was off of work because of switching jobs and was home with my toddler. Luckily there are tons of ways to blog with a smartphone. Let’s learn to smartphone blog!

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Last month I mentioned that I had quit my job. I wasn’t happy where I was and I needed a change. This past week was my week off between the two. I had so many lofty plans to get things done. Like, write an ebook, or completely overhauled Wine and Mommy Time.

While I didn’t write an ebook. Far from it actually. I was able to get a lot done on my phone in times that my little guy was playing independently. Once he’d go down for his one nap a day I’d pop straight on my laptop, but much of what I did was able to be done from my smartphone.

Being home with Peyton that week really gave me a new perspective. Since going back to work this past April, from having a year maternity leave, so much has changed. You don’t really know how much you miss when you’re working full time and you’re not with your child. My husband and I are really lucky that my mom takes care of the little man full time. It’s great for her, him and us.

Like I said, it wasn’t as much work as I would have hoped to get done. But little victories, right?

All of that said, if you’re lucky enough like me to have a little human who is very independent. You probably have a lot of time when they’re awake that you are probably on your phone in some capacity. I’ve thought about it, and after a week home with my little man, I adapted some new blogging techniques. Blogging with a smartphone!

21 Blogging Tasks You Can Do From Your Phone

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Check/respond to emails

My phone is where I do about 95% of my emails when I really think about it. If it’s something that really needs more thought then I’ll probably do it on my laptop. Otherwise, it’s on my smartphone.

Sorting my emails, however, usually happens on my computer, bigger screen, easier to select more.

Respond to comments on your blog/social media

Social media is a given if you’re responding to comments. Typically you’re probably already using your phone for these tasks. But are you taking advantage of responding to blog comments on it?

My blog is run on WordPress, which is very mobile browser friendly for quick things like responding to comments. You log in as you normally would on your computer and interact with your readers!

Brainstorm post, content, opt-in, ebook, etc. ideas

There are so many great apps to use for brainstorming. Maybe you have a quick idea come to mind about a great e-book you’d like to write, you can list it out, maybe even outline it!

I personally use:

Trello – This is a great one. They have a website which live updates as you edit on the app. Much like in Google Docs. It’s a list-style grouping of boards which you can name, edit, archive and more!

My phone’s notepad – Usually my phone’s notepad is what I use for any random snippets of ideas. I call it my starter notes, mainly because it’s usually a couple of words here and there that I will expand on later in Google Docs. I also use it for checklists.

Google Docs – The main bread and butter of everything I do happens in Google Docs. Writing posts, brainstorming lists, writing countless ebooks that are all half done. You get the idea.

Read, Comment on and share other bloggers work

It can get lonely in your own head. Or on your own keyboard. Networking with other bloggers is so important for many reasons. You may be inspired by post topics, also, it’s fun to see other writing styles. We’re always evolving and changing so get out there and poke around. Leave comments if you enjoyed their post. You’d appreciate the same, so let them know you liked what they had to say. Better yet, if you love what they have to say, share it!

Some places you can share, comment or read are:

Facebook – This could be in the form of joining blogging groups. Just so a search for Mommy Bloggers, you’ll be amazed at how many come up! Join them, get in on the chats and network. You don’t have to be alone. After all, there are millions of blogs out there.

Instagram – How much time do you spend scrolling and not engaging? Reach out, comment, like, hell, re-gram. If you are going to re-gram, please make sure to tag them. Ask even, if they’re okay with you sharing their work. After all, it belongs to them.

Pinterest – You probably already do a ton of this. Maybe that’s where you found this post! While Pinterest isn’t the go-to for talking to people, it’s perfect for sharing and reading other content. Did you know Pinterest isn’t social media? It’s actually a search engine. If you didn’t know that, mind blown right? If you did, then just read on, and good for you!

Their blogs – Obvious I know, but this is a list right?

Twitter – Admittedly I suck at Twitter. I didn’t really get on the train when it came out originally so I never evolved with it like Facebook and others. I’m getting the hang of it and certainly know how to engage with people. It’s fun to see how different it is from the other networks out there. It’s really easy to quote-tweet, which people really appreciate. Tweet it up!

Research for posts

Through Pinterest or Google, scroll Facebook for what your friends are sharing most.

Pinterest is my biggest source of inspiration but if I need solid information, I jump on Google. It’s almost like Pinterest is the springboard for my inspiration greatness and Google does the pinpointing for me. After all, both are search engines, just in slightly different ways.

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Get learning

  • Watching how to videos
  • Webinar replays – don’t act like you don’t have a ton sitting in your email
  • YouTube channels
  • Listen to podcasts

Work on an e-course

Do you offer e-courses? Go you! I haven’t yet jumped on that wagon. Yet, but I will be. There are different options depending on your operating system. iPhone – Keynotes and Pages, Android – Google Slides. While these won’t deliver the polished look you will want for your end product you can at least get started on your phone and then when you get the opportunity. Jump on that computer of yours and finish it up.

Voice to text posts

Let me start by saying, voice to text is not the same as putting finger to keyboard. However, you will catch on after a while. I use an android device so I downloaded an app called Speechnotes. It was really easy to get up and running. No awkward voice recognition tests, just straight talk to text.

I like to use talk to text, especially if I’m in the car and a thought comes to mind, or if I’m cooking/cleaning. You can edit the little momisms out later. Unless you want “get down from there”, and “don’t eat that”, every other sentence. But maybe that’s your style. All good!

Photo editing

Phones are pretty incredible when it comes to photo editing software. I use Canva for all of my images and recently discovered that they have an app! Yes people, Canva finally has a smartphone app! I couldn’t be more excited. If you prefer PicMonkey, there’s an app for that too.

Some images you could work on, on your phone are:

  • Pinterest images
  • Quote images for Instagram
  • Blog featured images

Create/Send invoices

If you offer paid services (kudos to you!) you could do some accounting. While I don’t have invoices to send, only pay (grumble), I do know there are many apps available. There’s that one Quickbooks commercial that’s always on about that mobile officiant. That’s the first one that comes to mind for me. Just go take a look.

Check out your followers

One thing that I think many people leave to pass is getting to know their followers. Without followers, we wouldn’t have the numbers we have. And without numbers, we don’t grow. Check out your followers and what they’re posting. Also, if you find them interesting, follow them back! It shows your a person and not just a social media account.

Schedule social media

You can use apps like Buffer, Tailwind, and HootSuite to easily schedule posts from your phone. Let’s face it, most of your images are probably coming from your phone anyway. Cut out the middle step of uploading them to your computer and just do it from your smartphone.

Check your AdSense or other revenue

Google Adsense has an easy app for you to keep track of your revenue. Take your notes, what’s working, what’s not? Maybe you make t-shirts like I do on Customized Girl, you can simply log in to the site and check your stats. Easy!

Check your analytics

Along with Adsense, Google has a very easy to use Google Analytics app. You can save your favorite reports, and frankly do everything you can online. I actually prefer it on my phone screen and only use it on my smartphone. The app is streamlined and very worth checking out.

Download an ebook

Personal development is very important as a blogger. If you’re feeling like you’re in a rut, or if you’re unsure of this whole venture, you may need a pick me up. Maybe you prefer audiobooks, that’s easy, Audible is a great way to listen to books while you’re in the car or doing things around the house.

Many bloggers have ebooks on Amazon and otherwise that you can download and prices aren’t outrageous. Especially when it’s an ebook rather than a physical copy.

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Draft newsletters

Some mail clients have apps, unfortunately, the one I use does not. But fear not! If your newsletter provider doesn’t have an app, it doesn’t mean you can’t draft newsletters on the go. This is something I admittedly need to do more of. Google Docs, is a great place to do this, or that handy speech to text option again.

Also, keep in mind that people don’t like long, drawn out emails anyway. Something short and to the point is better than nothing at all. And frankly, it’ll be more likely to be read all the way through. Your readers are probably reading your newsletter on their smartphone so the less scrolling the better.

Manually pin

Back to Pinterest. Manually pin! Get off of the pre-scheduled system you already have going on, and let your fingers do some finding. This is a great way to personally select things you want to be in your boards. Also, you will probably be inspired to do some writing yourself!

Draft blog posts

This should go without saying. Just write lady, write! Most of my posts start out on my phone and then are edited on my laptop and then slammed into WordPress.

A couple of apps I suggest are:

  • Google Docs – my personal favorite, if you couldn’t already tell
  • Evernote

Edit Draft blog posts

Expanding on above, edit those drafts. Maybe you need to step away from one post to go to another that you are burning to write. You, like me, may have a bunch of partially written thoughts. That’s good! Edit, revise, do what you gotta do.

Suggested apps, same as above – Google Docs and Evernote.

Live your life

Live streaming is something that’s really taken off in the last couple of years. I think thankfully to Snapchat. People want to see what you’re doing real-time so show them! Maybe you’re having an ah-ha moment that other moms really should see, or you’re at a really cool farmers market. Wow, that was a mom thing to say. Anyway, some places you can go live are:

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, I think Periscope is still a thing? Maybe, however, I don’t use it.

Phone camera

Phone’s cameras are getting better and better all of the time. I know my Huawei for instance, has a Leica camera in it. Yes, the same type as that camera whats-his-face in Eurotrip was nuts over. Some awesome things you can do with your smartphone camera are:

  • Take your own stock photos
  • Stock photos for an opt-in or freebie
  • Images for posts

What blogging tasks do you do on your smartphone? I’d love to read about them in the comments below!

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21 Blogging Tasks You Can Do From Your Phone

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