Setting Goals for 2017 – Why I don’t make resolutions

Setting goals, or resolutions. Some people love them, some people hate them, some people make them and others don’t bother. While I don’t believe in calling them resolutions, rather I call them goals, I do believe that a new year can help you make a mental reset. Since my birthday is SO close to New Year’s, January 5th to be exact, I actually use my birthday as my reset. I did this while taking my hiatus which you can read about in my previous post “Going on Hiatus – Why I did and why it’s okay for you to too!”.

Why am I talking to you about goals and hiatus’? How is it relevant to Wine and Mommy Time? Think about it this way, where would we be as employees, mothers, fathers, friends or humans really, without goals and self-reflection. It’s worth it, it makes sense. Just trust me.

Choose a word

Along with goals, another popular thing is to have a theme word for the year. Change is my word of the year. The reason why I choose change is because it ties into my goals and with what I need most in my life. Further down I will get more into how to choose your word, just bear with me and keep reading friends!

My goals this year are just some of the following, you’ll see that they are not just myself but also for this blog.

Does it look a bit bare to you? Well, it is. Why? Well, because there are some other very personal goals I have, that are for my eye’s only. Also, I find saving space means as my priorities change throughout the year, I may add goals, or re-evaluate others.

Making categories

Breaking down into four categories, personal, blog, financial and purchases. I mention purchases because it’s a way to keep my eye on the prize, things I know I need. One thing I will mention is that my goal chart isn’t a dream chart. Goals and dreams are two very different things. A goal is something you know you can either work toward or obtain. Dreams are, however, either far too lofty or something that is realistically out of reach at this time. While I do think it is important to dream, it is also important to be realistic about what you can achieve and what you, at this time, cannot.

Goals for Wine And Mommy Time

I highly suggest making goals for your year. Think of it as a vision board of sorts. My bullet journal is where I keep my vision board. I do plan on making another copy to put by my writing space as well however that writing space is also a goal, somewhere that I can scurry off to and just work. I’ll get into more detail about what a bullet journal is and what I use it for at another time because trust me there is so much to say about them! If you are curious in the meantime to check out my Pinterest board, I have appropriately titled “Bullet Journal”.

Aside from diving into my goals and bullet journal I’ve been doing a lot of brain dumping. Basically what a brain dump is, is when you sit down and literally write down all of the things floating around in your head. It’s been really helpful for me to just clear my head and also organize my to-do lists (yes multiple ones, obviously). If you’re ever needing to clear the fog in your head try it out, you’re welcome.

Brain dumping

Brain dumping can also help you with your goal chart. I write brain dump lists almost on a daily basis, either on my phone, in my journal or bullet journal. It can be anything from who you need to call, to random things you need to buy, maybe something you want to research, whatever really! Whatever is on your mind that is either keeping you from sleeping or that has been nagging you, write that shizz down. This process really helps me prioritize. I will often look back, cross off, add to, or start a new list.

Goals and brain dumping can really help your family, social and love life too. Think about it. Do you want to start a family, make more time for friends, or start a new hobby? Make it a priority, put it in ink and look at it often. It will really spawn great things if you keep it in your forefront.

Now back to your word of the year. Yes I know I’m skipping around, bear with me. The reason why I mention this last is that I believe that once you have charted your goals it’s pretty easy to look at them and decipher what your word is. While others looking at my goals may not see change, when I look at it, I know my why’s behind each item and to me, they will make change happen.

Click here to download your goal chart

Feel free to share with me, Facebook, or Instagram what you have come up with, collaborate with others. If you aren’t already in the Wine and Mommy Time Facebook Group please feel free to drop by and share there, I love seeing what motivates other people.

Setting Goals for 2017 - instead of resolutions

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