12 Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas + Ours!

No, I’m not knocked up again. However, I do appreciate a good pregnancy announcement! They seem to be getting more and more creative.

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Wine and Mommy Time - Pregnancy announcement photos, football theme!

Seeing how other people are announcing their pregnancies or doing their gender reveals is so much fun. You can get really creative!

For instance, we’re huge football fans. So our pregnancy announcement was in a football stadium with a special jersey we had made for our little to be. It was so much fun!

Check out these pregnancy announcement ideas!

Some people include their pets. – Source


How cute is that? – Source


Another idea is doing a photoshoot with your man and using the shoot to tell him! Now that would be a pretty special moment to capture. – Source


Shoes, this one has been done so many times but it certainly does the trick! – Source


What about hockey skates? Doesn’t get any more Canadian than that. – Source


If you’re both runners or athletes, this is a great way. – Source unknown


Make it seasonal! Add a pumpkin to your line of personal pumpkins, this I saw a lot of this fall. – Source unknown


This one is just too funny, I love announcements that aren’t so serious. – Source


Here’s a Christmas idea if it’s a holiday announcement. – Source unknown

Regardless of how you choose to do it, if you do or not, it’s your call. Some people like to keep it low key and not make it a social media spectacle and that’s just fine. You could always photograph it, keep it for yourselves and family, or to share with your little one when they get older to show them how excited you were.

We live in a day and age where the bigger is better aspect is always pretty present. It’s easy to get wrapped up in making something big an extravagant but let’s be real, a simple ultrasound pic is an easy way to share the news in a frugal, fun way.

Check out some of these ultrasound reveals!





Source unknown


Obviously, there are so many options. Get as much or as little creative as you like. Enjoy it!


How did you share your pregnancy with your partner or the world? I’d love to read it below in the comments!

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12 Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - Wine and Mommy Time

12 Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - Wine and Mommy Time

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