Pregnancy Announcement – [Part 2] Telling the World

First off let me say that integrating football into our pregnancy announcement was a no-brainer. Both the hubby and I are huge football fans and are season ticket holders for the BC Lions if you’re an American I’m talking about the CFL (Canadian Football League).

We knew we wanted to get photos done it was a matter of where could we possibly do it?


Wine and Mommy Time - Pregnancy announcement photos, football theme!

I emailed BC Place just for what I thought would be a shot in the dark when I was starting my location search. I received an email back within a couple of days from the staff at BC Place. They were going to contact the Lions to see if this would be possible. Next, Geoff received a call from a representative saying yes!

We were so excited!

Let’s start planning

After emailing BC Place I contacted someone who I knew has a huge love for the team and is also a sports photographer. I’ve seen a lot of his work on Facebook and Instagram. We told him the date and time and off we were, it didn’t take us long at all!

A friend of mine is a manager at a sports store so I contacted him about having some custom work done. I casually said in the text that I was interested in pricing for adult and infant sized work. He didn’t seem to react to the later of the two. But needless to say when we showed up with the little infant jersey to his store excitement was an understatement.

We planned out the jersey with him, did some shopping and visited for awhile. It was great to share the news with another fellow Nova Scotian who’s also come out to the West Coast. I’ve known him since back east so it was nice to share this with him.

Mike told us to come pick up the jersey the next day since it was fairly late that we arrived at the store that night.

Wine and Mommy Time - Pregnancy announcement photos, football theme!

Almost ready

The next afternoon, seeing the jersey done, was so surreal. For one Mike did an amazing job, I will go back for any other work I need doing, hands down. But how small it was and how cute and how REAL was so much to take in. I was so excited and so was Geoff.

On the day of the shoot, we showed up at BC Place after work. Mike (our photographer) met us shortly after and a rep from the Lions who brought us down to the turf to get started.

We brought two outfits with us and some props, a football, the jersey, pom poms which we didn’t end up using, Lions baby shoes and a few other things.

The stadium was all set up for game day as there was a game the next day. Even the panel booth was set up! It was so awesome to have that kind of access to do as we wanted and just really take it in.

Wine and Mommy Time - Pregnancy announcement photos, football theme!

Lights camera, announcement!

The shoot itself took under two hours which was great and Mike said that he would have the pictures to us soon. We gave him a USB so that he could put all of the images, raw and edited onto it for us. Mike made us feel so comfortable and had some great ideas as well.

The next day I was shopping for groceries and got a call from Geoff saying to check my Facebook messages. Mike had sent Geoff and I some samples and said the USB was ready to be picked up from him at the game that day!

I squealed in line and was so excited, he did such a great job and captured what we wanted and so much more. I went home and got ready to go meet Geoff at the stadium. We grabbed the USB from Mike and the rest of the game was a blur, to be honest. All I could think of was getting home and seeing them all!

That night we went through them all and chose which ones we wanted to use for the post for the next day.

Wine and Mommy Time - Pregnancy announcement photos, football theme!

Time to go live

The day following the game was Canadian Thanksgiving. We would be hosting dinner as usual. But we wanted to make the post before our guests arrived. So at the same time, we posted to Instagram and Facebook. Almost instantly, all of the love started flowing in from all over. It was such an amazing feeling!

Finally, the cat, or ball rather, was out of the bag. We could be excited out in the open and we couldn’t be happier.

I will forever be thankful to our photographer (Mike), my friend Mike at Jersey City in Metrotown, the BC Lions staff and BC Place for making it all possible because without even some of those factors it couldn’t have come close to what we had hoped for.

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