Pregnancy Announcement – [Part 1] Telling the Family

After finding out that Jr was indeed on board, we had to keep the pregnancy under wraps for a few long weeks. If you want to learn more about how I did my pregnancy announcement for hubby, click here!

Luckily with a trip already planned, the timing couldn’t have been better. The doctor that we saw at the walk-in clinic referred me for blood work and for an ultrasound. Since we did not know how far along I was I told my boss as soon as I got into work on Monday just to give him the heads up because it was estimated that I could be between 6 and 10 weeks pregnant.

Our little man's first ultrasound, confirming I was pregnant and that our little bean was 8 weeks old.

Time for some tests

Blood work was easy. I went to the lab one day after work and had a bunch of vials of my blood taken, no big deal.

The day we went to our ultrasound the trains had major delays. With a full bladder, I was really worried I wouldn’t make it! After a side stop to a bathroom, and then a search for the ultrasound clinic we finally got to see Jr. He was so tiny! He looked like a toy car, for some reason at this point, I was like it’s a boy for sure. We discovered in the ultrasound that Jr’s heart was very healthy and that at that time I was just over 8 weeks pregnant.

In the time between the ultrasound and us going on vacation, I knew I was going to need a doctor. Since moving to Vancouver in 2009 I had not yet sought out a GP. This was my first panic, how am I going to do this without a doctor? And the fact that there were none in my area that were taking patients was concerning. As I had about 2 weeks to get the ball rolling.

I need a doctor!

I talked to a doctor that I know, who wasn’t taking patients and told him that I was pregnant. Obviously, I would be in need of prenatal care. He referred me to the website . It’s a site run by a local hospital where you can refer yourself to prenatal care.

I created my referral online on my way home from work that day and got a call the next morning! They asked me where I lived, where I worked and triangulated the best location for me. We got me an appointment set up before we were to go home for vacation. Things were coming together and I was so happy!

The doctor that I went to see was very close to my work which was great because both my husband and I work near each other and could access the office easily on work days/hours. We went to our first prenatal appointment two days before our trip home. The first appointment was just to go over the bloodwork and ultrasound dating and to basically familiarize ourselves with our doctor.

Flying home to the family

When we flew home the trip itself was pretty bumpy. We had our normal multiple connections. But when our plane was trying to land in Geoff’s hometown, the plane couldn’t land. There was so much fog the plane was trying to land on the highway almost because the pilot couldn’t tell the difference between that and the airport a few kilometers away!

After attempting twice we were brought back to the Halifax airport thankfully. By this time it’s nearly midnight so we had been traveling for an ungodly amount of hours. Luckily my family is in the Halifax area.

Telling the first half

After dealing with a hotel trying to screw us over for a stay there my parents came and intercepted us. Now it’s 2 am and Geoff and I decided okay, let’s tell my mom and dad the news. Make something happy out of this whole mess. So we get back to my parent’s place and no sooner did we sit down and dad had the wine out for Geoff and was asking if I would like a glass. I turned it down. Dad gave me a confused look.

Geoff smirked at me across the table and said: “Olivia can’t drink for the next 9 months”. Mom clued in and the waterworks and squealing started right away. Dad took a minute and Geoff said: “you’re going to have a grandchild!”. Dad had the biggest smile I’ve seen in so long. We all sat there and celebrated before Geoff and I went to bed.

Wine and Mommy Time - 2015 trip to Sydney, NS

Off to Cape Breton we go

The whole drive down to Sydney it felt like there was a big pink elephant between Geoff and I. Not being able to tell Ernie, Geoff’s uncle, because we wanted to tell Geoff’s parents first, was burning into both of us. Finally, that evening we had everyone around the dinner table. Geoff, his parents, Ernie, one of my sister-in-laws (who knew), our little niece and nephew and myself. I had been turning down drinks since we got to his parent’s house, my father-in-law who was sitting next to me on the couch earlier definitely knew something was up. So again another smirk across the table and Geoff let out the news.

Cat’s out of the bag

Doug, father-in-law, who was sitting beside me said “I knew it” and smiled, it was adorable. Donna, my mother-in-law was so excited I can’t explain. My sister-in-law Janelle tried to act surprised and we later said that she knew. They re-lived when Geoff told her, it was really funny. Ernie was in total shock that we kept it secret the whole drive down. Geoff’s sister Amanda arrived shortly after, with her boyfriend and we told her the news. She at first looked at Janelle because all that was said was “you’re going to have another niece or nephew”. After a bit, she obviously clued in and gave me a huge hug.

The rest of that weekend we got to tell the rest of his side as there was a big anniversary party for his grandparents. We had not yet announced on Facebook at this time because I was just over 9 weeks. Click here to see how we told the world through a football-themed photoshoot!

Wine and Mommy Time - 2015 Trip to Peggy's Cove, NS

Back to Halifax

After being in Sydney for the weekend we traveled back to Halifax with my parents and spent a few days with them there, Geoff not as many because he had to get back to Sydney for a wedding he was in but I stayed in Halifax a few days longer.

My first day alone in Halifax I made plans to go to dinner with my two best childhood girlfriends Nicole and Lindsay, I wanted to tell them in person, their basically the sisters I’ve never had aside from my sister-in-law’s.

I picked Lindsay up at her place and we hadn’t even gotten to the restaurant where Nicole would shortly be meeting us when the topic came up and Lindsay (being a mom of two) asked when Geoff and I would be starting a family. I couldn’t hold it in, I told her in the car. Lindsay being the softest-hearted person I’ve ever met in my life starts crying and screams out Libby! She was so excited, to say the least. When Nicole arrived it didn’t take me long to blurt the news out, she was so happy for us as well, she’s not as emotional as Lindsay and did not cry, but I knew she was happy haha!

Wine and Mommy Time - 2015 trip to Halifax, NS

The rest of the trip aside from doing some sightseeing, shopping, eating tons of lobster and donairs, we attended a wedding of Geoff’s friends, it was a great way to round out the trip. We returned to Vancouver feeling so happy to finally have the family’s love and support we knew we would have for Jr.

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