Post-Holiday Wrap Up

Farewell Holiday’s! Hello normalcy! Just kidding, they went so fast I honestly want a do-over, I’m really not joking so please don’t hate me. Now that our holiday hangover has passed, legit for some and figurative for others. I fall into figurative if you wanted to know. Let’s take a look back and reflect. Let’s get into the holiday wrap up.

Some things that happened in our household are…

Wine and Mommy Time Hiatus, if you don’t know what I’m talking about check out my post Why I Took a Life Hiatus. Taking a break allowed me enjoy the holidays that much more and I promise it means that next Christmas season I will have a bunch of content. I brainstormed like crazy and it was really fun honestly!

Holiday Wrap Up and Recap - Wine and Mommy Time

Before Christmas Peyton started crawling, on December 8th to be exact! So exciting to see our little guy starting to move around on his own, it was a huge and proud moment for us. Within a couple of days of that he also got his first cold, booooooo. Our poor little man was so helpless, sniffles, stuffy/runny nose, coughing and congestion. The weekend his cold came we got hit with massive snow storm. Being a hot mess mom I didn’t have what I needed to help our little guy completely. A not so quick trip out in the storm, I got to the store I needed just before they closed early, actually I called ahead and the girl working said she would wait for me, she was my savior. That Nose Frida was totally worth it.

After nursing our little guy out of his mucous mess, which mind you only took less than a week thankfully, I noticed a new bottom tooth poking through! Not even partially out, fully through and growing, handled it like a champ!

Santa celebrations

We also had our first Santa photo done for Peyton and I am so proud of how well he handled it. Honestly going into it I was so nervous. The line was super long, we were already past his bedtime, but I knew we could get through it as a family.

There were so many kids, young and old screaming at the poor St. Nick while their parents danced around and tried to get their golden photo of the season. We really lucked out with Mr. P. While he didn’t look at the camera very much during the process he stared at Santa, no tears, no whining, just in awe. I was amazed at the lengths some of the moms were going through in preparation. One that I spoke to said she had been introducing various Santa photos to her daughter for weeks to prime her. Here I was thinking all I needed to worry about his outfit. However, I totally own that I’m a hot mess mom and I’m fine with that.

Peyton did awesome, no priming needed.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we got to enjoy creating a new tradition with our little guy. Geoff bought Peyton a vintage-looking copy of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas. He read it to Peyton while I held him on my lap. Lately he’s been loving being read to, and aside from Paw Patrol it’s the only thing that will make him sit still. It was a beautiful family moment that I can’t wait to repeat next year. Once we tucked him in for the night, hubs and I played Mr. and Mrs. Claus by wrapping all of his presents, it was really fun!

Holiday Wrap Up - What Wine and Mommy Time has been up to

Christmas morning was the best! For a few weeks beforehand we had some wrapped presents under the tree that we had been struggling to keep little man away from. We were really looking forward to letting him finally have at ‘em. Surprisingly when it came time to actually let him have his way with them all he did was hit them, Geoff did most of the unwrapping but it was still pretty fun showing him all of his new things. We tried to focus his gifts on clothes and developmental toys and to this day he has really been keeping himself busy with them.

Holiday Wrap Up - What Wine and Mommy Time has been up to

Peyton got to visit with his great uncle, his great-grandparents and my parents. This year was my first time in 12 years to do Christmas with my parents. So for it to be Peyton’s first one was a really big deal in so many ways. I’m so happy we had it with them and look forward to next year with Geoff’s parents!

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s eve was pretty normal for Peyton, he was in bed by about 7 so that Geoff and I could get out for dinner. We made it home in time to see the countdown on TV and pop some champagne with my parents. Since we had been trying to pry Peyton away from the Christmas tree for so long I took it down New Year’s day. Which is normally so not like me, but if you have kids, dogs, or cats I’m sure you understand. Trying to play keep away gets to be a pain in the ass, so down the tree came and whenever I miss it I can look at pictures.

Holiday Wrap Up - What Wine and Mommy Time has been up to

My birthday

My birthday, being January 5th, always ends off the holiday season for us. Honestly by the time it rolls around I’m all partied out and am frankly over it to be honest (haha!) Peyton was pretty busy that day, whining anytime I’d leave the room and being really needy. Thankfully my mom was with me to help out. Geoff worked a short day and surprised me with an adorable piece of baby artwork that he and Peyton made. It truly warmed my heart. I’m really not a mushy person but I know he knew it meant a lot to me. Geoff and I went out for dinner and drinks that night and had a really great time being just us. I loved it.

Now that all of that is over. I feel like a whirlwind has come and gone just as fast as it approached. Call it Holiday whiplash but this mama is beat. I feel like I can get back to normal life. Well, as normal as it can be, kick back, have a glass of Merlot and relax(ish).

I hope everyone had a great Holiday season, no matter what you do or do not celebrate, until next year, ciao Santa!

Holiday Wrap Up - What Wine and Mommy Time has been up to

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