Planning for 2018 Greatness

Christmas is now behind us. Which means we can start planning 2018! For some people that means weight-loss, others it means financial growth. Both of which are great things if done right. I’m talking goals people!

Over the next little while, I plan on focusing on reflection of the past year and how I can make improvements in this coming year.

Last year I wrote a post about goal setting, rather than resolutions. My perspective on that has not changed so I’d like to keep working on that and bring more value to this blog with some great new strategies for you all. Strategies that moms and non-moms alike can adapt to their own life!

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The best way to set goals is by looking at what did and didn’t work in the past. Maybe you spent too much money on eating lunch out, so you want to plan lunches ahead. Not only will it mean you’re saving money but you’ll probably be eating better, and it’s a nice thing you and your family or significant other can do together. Quality time, healthy eating and money saved. Win, win, win.

Over the next while I’m planning to bring you a series of posts. Posts about goal setting, organizing your life and frankly doing better all around!

The areas I intend to cover are:

  • Reflecting on 2017
  • Setting goals
  • Journaling tips
  • How to exercise for free
  • Finding time for yourself
  • Balancing work/mom/wife life
  • Digitally decluttering your life

My reflection of the past year

  1. I went back to work after being on maternity leave. To a new job, that didn’t make me feel fulfilled which also didn’t serve my family well. A couple of weeks ago I decided to take an offer somewhere that I think will be a better fit for my family and I. That in itself is a huge step and change. Onward and upward!
  2. This blog hasn’t steadily been as big a priority as I should have made it. With that said, I’ve talked about this with my hubby and he understands my needs and goals. We’re working together for me to better find time to work on this venture and it’s really exciting! Communication, it works!
  3. My friendships and relationships have been a struggle. I’m identifying that I need to make more efforts there. This will be a huge piece of my goals for 2018. I’ve lost track and need to get back to the people I value and who value me and stop letting life and work get in the way. It won’t be easy but it’s certainly important!

While I know three things don’t seem like a lot to reflect on, I think it’s better to have solid focuses. If you put too much on your plate you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Last year my word was change. I did a lot of that. This year my word is focus. I want to focus on:

  • Wine & Mommy Time
  • My family
  • Friends and relationships
  • What makes me truly happy

I can’t wait for what this year will bring! It’s the last year of my 20’s, which is scary to think about, where the hell did they go anyway?

What are your 2018 goals and how do you map them out? I’d love to read about it below in the comments!

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