Peyton’s Half Birthday Celebrations + Cookies N’ Cream Cake Recipe

So maybe half birthdays aren’t a big deal to some but if you are my friend Megan, also known as my sister-wife, who lives down in San Diego, they’re kind of a big deal. The first time I was introduced to celebrating half birthdays was actually back in my grade 12 year of high school at a cheer party when someone brought a “half-a-cat” half birthday cake to a team party for one of the girls. After that I didn’t think anything of it until I met Meg. This girl is like no one I’ve ever met, or ever will meet again. There really isn’t enough I could say about her, I just love her so much.

Anywho, enough girl crushing. One night Geoff and I were invited over to Meg’s for dinner, dinner turned into half birthday celebrations complete with cake! Her love and explanation for the concept of half birthdays sparked my idea to celebrate a half birthday for our little guy. With arriving in Nova Scotia we knew that there were a lot of people who wanted to meet Peyton. Luckily he was turning 6 months old and we could kill two birds with one stone, have a half birthday party and give everyone a chance to meet him all at once!


The cake is by far the most important part of a half birthday. Hands down. So off to Pinterest I went in search of ideas. I committed to a cake cut in half but was unsure of what flavour I wanted to make it. After more searching, a cookies n’ cream cake was the best choice, for two reasons, one, it was the cake we had for our gender reveal, two, duh, it’s delicious. I knew I’d be making cupcakes as well but their small potatoes in comparison to the importance of the cake. The recipe I came across, I ended up tweaking a bit to my liking and it turned out awesome! For my recipe please continue reading. If you are impatient, just scroll to the bottom! The cupcakes were nothing special recipe wise, I picked up an all-in-one Hershey’s cupcake kit which included icing and then picked up some sugar Star Wars toppers at Bulk Barn. Aside from cake and cupcakes we put out a fruit and veggie tray and some other finger foods.


Geoff created an event on Facebook like we do for all of our parties. What we didn’t know is that when you create an event in a different timezone it adjusts to whatever those hours would be in another place. For instance, the party was to be from 1pm-5pm, however Facebook converted that to 5pm-9pm EST. Until the day of the party we had no idea about this until I started getting texts about the time and such. My heart sank, one of my best friends wasn’t going to be able to come. Her and I will make a play date with our kids another day but thanks a lot Facebook for being a jerk and screwing this up for her/us! Regardless of Facebook mess-up’s the day was wonderful. Peyton met tons of friends and family alike and it was a great time.


I wish that I had taken more photos but as usual in a party setting I was too busy entertaining and passing Peyton around. Geoff and I were so impressed with how great our little guy did with meeting everyone, he didn’t cry or freak out with the amount of new people he was being exposed to. He even took a nap just like on a normal day! To be honest I wasn’t too worried because he is great with new people but you just never know. We did have some people cancel at the last minute but it was because they had colds, totally fine by me, keep your germs away from my baby! However, as I’m writing this, I have a head cold coming on, figures.

Now that you’ve been patient enough please enjoy the recipe below for the delicious cookies n’ cream cake we got to enjoy and I enjoyed making!


Cookies N’ Cream Cake

The Cake

1 box white cake mix, or your favourite white cake recipe followed to it’s directions*

  • Ingredients as listed on box or your recipe

18 Oreos crushed

*I opted for almond milk instead of water or cow’s milk with my box cake recipe*


The Icing

1 Container whipped cream cheese frosting (read on to directions for instructions to divide container later on)

1 Tub fat-free Cool Whip, or normal if you prefer it (read on to directions for instructions to divide tub)

15 Oreos crushed



Grease and flour two 8 inch cake pans. Prepare cake to box or recipe directions. Stir in crushed Oreos and divide the batter between the two cake pans evenly. Bake according to box or recipe directions. When cakes are ready immediately allow them to cool on cooling racks. To make the icing, mix 1 cup of cream cheese frosting in with 1 cup of cool whip, be careful to not mix too much because the cool whip will break down and become runny. Fold in Oreo’s and set aside. Once cakes are cooled, cut off the excess domed portion (the top), with a carving knife. I use a carving knife because it cuts completely through the cake making a much cleaner and faster slice. Mix remaining cream cheese frosting with equal amount of cool whip and spread over the top of one of the cakes. Place the second cake on top. If you are making a half cake put aside 1/3 cup of Oreo icing, spread remaining icing all over cake, if you are making a full cake, go to town and use it all! Chill cake for 2 hours in the fridge to let it set. If you are making a half cake, remove from fridge, cut in half and spread Oreo icing over top and bottom side of exposed cake, leaving a middle section to spread or pipe cool whip. On the other half, for storage and serving purposes to keep the cake from drying out, I spread cool whip over the entire exposed side. Admire your hard work then enjoy!

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