Our Son’s Birth Story – 28 Hours of Crazy

Our son turned tow today! Two! Buddha help us, I think that the terrible twos are hitting us already. In light of his birthday, you’ve never read our birth story. Mainly because I hadn’t shared it. Better late than never right? Now is as good a time as ever to share with you how those crazy 28 hours went.

Yes, I said 28 hours.


When I was pregnant I wasn’t the kind of mom-to-be who would read countless books and blogs. Let alone Google every little thought that came to mind. If there was anything pressing that I was wondering about I would jot it down and wait until my next doctor or midwife appointment.

The one thing I did enjoy reading was other people’s birth stories. Birth stories are one thing that we all share in common in that they are all different and help all of us realize when it is all said and done. That nothing will ever go as planned. I am a planner, anyone who knows me knows this. No matter how many hours you slave away at your birth plan or how many books you read, no birth is textbook, so buckle in and be ready for the unplanned and unexpected to happen because it can and will.

My due date was tentatively April 15th, 2016. When I was told this I immediately contacted my HR department at work and told them the news that I was expecting. Knowing myself and knowing that we did not have family around to help up prepare for this new arrival in our lives I knew that we would need all the time we could get. So I scheduled to stop working as of March 11th, 2016.

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My water broke

The first two weeks of my maternity leave were to be considered vacation time through work and then I would apply for early EI for the remaining until I delivered.

For the first few days of my leave from work I rested. Waking up at 5:00 am every day for work and commuting nearly an hour to and from work to sit in a sedentary job while a baby is pressing into your ribs and on your bladder is not a comfortable thing. So rest was much needed. I slowly started doing things like washing baby clothes, doing A LOT of online shopping with my Amazon Prime, cleaning bottles, and so on. I didn’t have the urge to do things with a ton of vigor like many describe as nesting so I don’t know that I actually even nested until after little man came home.

Two weeks after being on leave from work, I decided it was finally time to pack my hospital bag. You know, that thing you should pack 6 weeks out… Yeah. That. Well at this point I was three weeks out from my due date.

On March 26th, 2016, I got out of bed, went into the bathroom to get ready for what should have been a day of shopping for my hospital bag. However, our little guy decided otherwise. Upon getting into our bathroom my water decided to break. My first thought, what the hell, did I just pee myself? No. It was different, and it wasn’t just one gush and done, no, it would gush, trickle, then gush, with no warning.

So unprepared

At this point my husband was nearly at work, remember how I said it was about an hour away? So I texted my cousin Jess and my Doula (Emily). Jess called me right away and calmed me down (thank you!). After getting off of the phone with her Emily told me to call triage at the hospital and to let them know.

Now time to text Geoff. So I sent out a simple text of “I think my water just broke”. I immediately received a phone call from Geoff, and the one time my phone suddenly drops reception in our place. I had to hang up and call him back. Geoff immediately started on his way back from work to me as I texted him the list of what I needed to purchase that day. Keep in mind, at this point I have NOTHING, none of those granny panties your told to get, no pads, toiletries, nothing. Poor hubby had to pick it all up and I thank him dearly for that. 

Side note, don’t forget a hospital bag for daddy-to-be. We did and totally regretted it. This post will tell you what you need for them!

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Time to hurry up and wait

While waiting for him to get home, as instructed by Emily, I showered as usual and got ready, knowing this would be the last time I would do so without a baby in our home.

Upon me calling the triage line, the midwife at the hospital told me that if I did not have contractions by 5:00 pm to come in. Keep in mind this is about 9:30 am. The day felt so weird, the impending change was very real, our family would grow from a husband and wife to a father and mother within the next 24 hours, or so.

We took a couple more belly photos, relaxed, watched TV and such. Our friends Julie and Peter came over around 4:30 pm and escorted us the two blocks, by car, to the hospital where I was checked out and had minimal pain at this point. They checked me and I was about 3 cm along. The midwife who examined me said that she would keep a room for me because they were starting to fill up. Because of the full moon and all. They sent us home.

Is it time yet?

Around 6:00 pm my contractions started, at around 9:30 pm we went back because my contractions were getting pretty bad. I experienced mine in my back, it felt like a stabbing horrible pain in the small of my back and wrapping around my sides. At this visit, they said I still wasn’t ready to admit to a room and offered me morphine. Remember how I said I didn’t really read or Google anything while pregnant? Well, this I should have before saying yes, apparently, morphine can make your contractions WORSE, it did that for me, instantaneously. But they sent us home again.

Around 11:30pm/12:00 am we returned to the hospital, I was convinced I was far enough along, but nope, they sent us back home and said to return around 6:00 am. Julie went to sleep in our spare room which would soon be our son’s room, finally.

Shi* got real

Late into the night, after many texts between Geoff and my Doula Emily in regard to pain management techniques, Emily was on her way to us. To read more about our incredible birth doula and what she did for both Geoff and me, read this post.

Once Emily arrived, Julie and Geoff went to bed. Emily took over, with a TENs unit in hand and her nurturing ways. She helped keep me as comfortable as she could, including running a bath and giving me emotional reassurance.

Around 6:30 am we decided it was time to head back to the hospital, my amazing friend Julie drove us then headed back home for some much-needed sleep. Upon arrival to the hospital, there was a lot of commotion, among the nurses and triage staff. While we were in the ward, waiting to be transferred into our room we heard them talking on the phone with another hospital. They were saying that there were no more rooms left and that they had mothers that would need to be transferred to them, in exchange for medical equipment. I’m not joking. I was being bartered for tubing.

Once we finally clued into what was going on, panic set in.

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Doulas and midwives for the win

Then, a miracle happened. A midwife came running around the corner saying, she’s not going anywhere, she’s with the midwives and we have a room for her. And just like that, she whisked us off to the room. Turn over from the family before us was so fast that there was still an ‘its a girl’ balloon floating in the corner. It was all happening so fast, it was kind of hard to register mentally. I was exhausted and anxious to get our baby boy safely into the world.

Emily helped me labor in various positions around the room, keeping moving helped. My poor husband was clearly emotional because of the amount of pain I was in. I opted not to have an epidural, because well, I guess I’m just crunchy like that.

After 3 hours of pushing, my midwife and doula said we may need to think about other options. As in the vacuum, forceps, or maybe even c section. They knew I was exhausted. Having been up for over 24 hours. My contractions were starting to slow to an almost stop, yet our son was crowning. We were given the option of Pitocin, if I couldn’t push him out naturally within an hour we’d have to have an intervention. So, with that, I started pushing, harder than I thought humanly possible. Contraction or not, I wanted to do this. 45 minutes later, at 1:55 pm, our son came shooting out into the world, literally.

My midwife must have been a catcher in her past life because my husband said Peyton came out flying.

That moment, when my husband and I looked at our son for the first time was the moment we became parents.

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Our Son's Natural Birth Story

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