Oh My God, I’m Pregnant – How I Told My Husband

Let me start off by saying yes we had been trying, albeit we were trying for all of a month before I got unknowingly pregnant we were hoping that within the year we would be able to start getting excited for an arrival of our first little one.

Even before my husband and I got married we knew we wanted a family, not immediately mind you but some day. After being married for about two and a half years we started actually talking more about when that just might happen. We were getting more on board with adding a new person to our crazy little mix. Both myself and my husband are a country away from our families. We knew that this wasn’t a decision that would be easy and we would obviously face challenges. 

No more wine

Part way through the summer (2015) I stopped having a want for alcohol of any kind, I didn’t really think anything of it. Normally when we would go out for dinner, go to a football game or even have a quiet night in I’d always say yes to a glass of wine or a beer. I wish I could place exactly when I stopped because maybe that could have been my ah-ha moment but it wasn’t, clearly it was my body’s way of saying hey it worked!

On August 21st I was on my way to a haircut when on the bus I suddenly felt extremely nauseous. I mean sweating, salivating, stomach-turning, terrible! I didn’t get sick thankfully but thought it was weird. Weird because I have never been someone to get motion sickness, ever. I love fair rides that spin, flip and go all over the place and never have a problem with flying or long road trips. When I got off the bus it felt so much better to be walking, even if it was only one block to the salon. The motion of having my hair washed kicked in the horrible feeling again. At this point all I was thinking did I eat something weird in the last couple of days?

I left the appointment and met up with my husband for dinner at a pub, the travel to the pub wasn’t much better. Once I got there grabbing a beer was totally out of the question so I ordered an iced tea, the sugar helped a tiny bit but I still wasn’t feeling so awesome. I barely ate my appetizer sized chicken wings. By this point, I was convinced I would take a test the next morning to be sure. Since we had only been trying for such a short time I didn’t think it was time to tell the hubby hey I think your swimmers did the job I’m going to pee on a stick tomorrow, so I left it at that, in my head and we went home as normal.

Time to take a test

The next morning Geoff went off to work and I could finally pee. After waiting for him to finish getting ready and leave, stupid one bathroom apartment.

So I ran to the bathroom and took the test. I honestly hadn’t even finished my business when two little lines very promptly, and darkly showed up.

The first thing I did was stare at myself in the mirror. Bedhead and all and wanted to see my reaction if it matched what I felt inside or not. It did. I was all teeth and excitement and then I just blurted out “you’re pregnant!”. I ran out to the living room. Stick in hand (I capped it, don’t worry) I did a happy dance singing “your going to be a mom” over and over again.

Now all I could think about is, Geoff’s coming home for lunch. But he’s working alone today, you can’t tell him at lunch he won’t go back! I had to tell someone, so who do I text? My friend Amita who is a nurse, naturally, my question to her, “do you know of any GP’s taking patients?” She asked why I sent her a picture of the test. Countless excited and realistic questions and responses later I was so happy to have it off my chest even if the hubby still didn’t know.

Don’t let it slip!

Geoff came home for lunch and I was an absolute crazy person. “How are you?”, “how is the day going?”, “when will you be home?” Neverending. I could tell he was looking at me like I had gone shack wacky. Weeks leading up to this I was so tired all the time I’d nap all the time on the weekends and couldn’t shake the exhaustion. So around 2 pm, I texted him saying that I was going to take a nap, the response “okay…”.

Hehe, little do you know babe, I’m not just being a lazy ass, I’m making a human!

I woke up around 4pm, and texted him saying “I’m awake!” his response “ok, well that’s good to know…” I could tell he thought I was oversharing in my lame activities. He mentioned he would be leaving work at 6 pm. So now the countdown was on. I went to Pinterest to try and figure out a way to announce to daddy-to-be the news! Once I found what I wanted to do I set it up.

Getting ready to break the news

5:45 pm hit, I texted him saying I was excited he would be home soon. Around 6:15 I asked how close to home he was, he said he was on the train. Keep in mind our apartment is about a 10min commute. So at this point I’m thinking, awesome he will be home soon and I can finally tell him!

6:45 hits, I am texting Amita non-stop, no sign of Geoff. He should be home by now. What the actual hell.

I was pacing frantically from sitting on the arm of the couch to the deck. To the dining table which was by the front door, over and over. I even went as far as checking our bank account for activity. Sure enough, he stopped at the liquor store on the way home. Little did he know his usual drinking buddy would be no more! Finally, after 7 pm I see him walking up to the building and I stand by the door, phone in hand to record the event.

You’re going to be a dad!

Geoff walks through the door, I say hi, he notices the phone and gives me a weird look, no words. Slowly takes off his shoes and puts them away. Might I add, he never does this, so we were equally awkward at this point.

He looks at the little announcement set up that I have made for him to figure out. Then, taking the longest damn time in history to read my note. He then looks at me, re-reads the note, puts the beer down, looks really confused. Not noticing the test behind everything, I grabbed it and showed him.

His face lit up like a Christmas tree and he started to finally walk toward me and say “really?!”. At this point, he took my phone away and turned off the record function. He hugged me so damn tight I thought I was going to pop and said: “you’re going to be a great mom”. For some reason, that is what finally made me cry in happiness.

Once the thought had kind of sunk in. We spent the night talking about how we would tell our family as we were going home for vacation in the next few weeks. This was such good timing!

Confirming the news

The next morning we went to the clinic to confirm our findings then went to breakfast. After breakfast, we went to Toys R Us, just so we could do something parent-ish and look at stuff, no intention to buy anything obviously. When we were two blocks away from the store all I could smell was mustard, which I hate on a good day, it wasn’t until we got to the store, which had a hot dog cart in front of it that I discovered my newly bionic nose, which is for another post.

So that’s it! Just 3 days before our 3rd wedding anniversary we had the amazing news that we were going to be parents and we couldn’t have been more scared, excited and impatient if we tried!


How did you tell your man you were pregnant? Share below in the comments!

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