Why You Need Your Own Mommy Blog + 30 writing prompts

Blogging isn’t something I talk about here much, well not as much as I’d like to. You can certainly expect to be hearing, rather, reading more about it in the future. Keep reading to see why you need a mommy blog.

Why do I want to talk about blogging? Well, because it’s quickly becoming a pretty big part of my life. It’s like journaling, but not really… I guess it depends on your style of writing. Blogging is really therapeutic and it has so far, taught me a lot about myself.

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It’s a great way to find your voice and also connect with other people. The blogging community is both big and small. I’ve been loving connecting with other people, some in my niche, some not in my niche. It’s great to have that support. Is it always easy? No. It’s not. But the payout of feeling like you are accomplishing something is the reward. Read on to see where I fucked up, and how a stranger had my back.

It’s not always easy…

By no means do I feel like I am anywhere close to being a pro, that’s for sure. Case and point. On Superbowl Sunday, my site crashed. I’m talking, white screen of death, gone. I contacted my host, who left me hanging for hours, not cool… But, do you know what else I did, I reached out. I reached out to other bloggers. I’m a member of a ton of different Facebook groups. Some are for mommy bloggers like myself, others are a mixed bag of webpreneurs. Guess what happened. My host wasn’t the one to fix my site. Multiple people reached out to help me, and guess what, it got fixed, super fast.

My total Superbowl, blog crash meltdown was remedied by a then stranger, who I now consider my guardian interweb angel. It really showed me that no matter what the issue, no matter what your niche, people will always have your back.

Remember that time when I had to blog by tablet? For months on end. I thought that when my laptop crapped the bed my days would be done. But where there is a will there is a way. You can make anything work that you want to. I have only had a laptop back for less than a month, yes it is easier, but regardless, I made it work without one.

So why should I…

Get to the point Libby. That’s probably what you’re saying to yourself right now, what does any of that crap have to do with motivating me to start a mom blog? By me, I mean you. Yes, you reading this. My point is that we all have something to say, we all need something creative to keep us motivated. Even if you don’t plan to monetize your blog and just want to write, go for it. Make the jump.

If you are wondering what you might write about, trust me, there will always be something. This is where my purpose of this post comes in. I want to give you some ideas to get your brain juices flowing. Maybe you have ideas, maybe you’d like to test the waters. I’d be more than happy to help you out or at the very least, inspire you. Any of these can branch into multiple areas. For instance: Birth story – what was in your hospital bag – what did/didn’t you use your bag – epidural or natural birth – home-birth or hospital, the list goes on.

Remember when you were back in school? Teachers would always say, if you have a question, other’s probably are thinking the same. Well to me, blogging is the answer to that question. When you jump on Pinterest to find an answer to something, how many times are you directed to a blog answering your question? Probably 9/10. Just keep that in mind…

Why you need to start a mommy blog + 30 writing prompts - Wine and Mommy Time

But I’m scared…

So was I! So were we all. There is nothing scarier than clicking “publish” in your first post. It doesn’t need to be perfect. You never will be. What you will do is grow. Your style of writing will evolve over time, that’s something you find in practice and yes I am still finding mine.

What if no one will read? Okay, valid fear. But you probably have Facebook, and on there you have friends and family right? If you feel so inclined, share your blog. If you want to wait awhile, that’s your call as well. Know where else you can talk about your blog, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. You name it.

Maybe you’re scared you might write something someone else won’t agree with. Well, you know what, that’s life. I had a backlash when I talked about my feelings about how I felt at a certain point in my pregnancy. But you know what, backlash means they read it. The only regret I had was that I took the post down. Mind you, I did re-publish it shortly after. Know why? Because I had friends, and family members tell me that no one should make me feel that way.

Want to know a secret? My husband doesn’t read my blog. But you know what, that’s okay! He’s not my niche. He’s not who would be drawn to my topics. He supports my writing and having a blog, and to me, that is what matters.

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It’s going to be expensive…

I too thought this myth. Ya know what though, my biggest expense was my startup cost. Which was under $30. I pay less than one coffee, per month, to do this. That’s it. So I’d say this is my least expensive hobby by far.

You don’t need the fanciest computer, camera or any of that crap. You really don’t. Most bloggers will tell you that they do all of their photography from their phone. Which is what I do as well. There are so many apps out there to help you edit your photos as well.

Technology has really come a long way to make things less expensive. What I mean by that is, now it’s not just Photoshop and programs like that. There are free places to create graphics like Canva, which I use for mine. As well as Pic Monkey, which I have also used.

What will I write about…

Do you workout? Write about that. Maybe you love fashion, there are so many fashion bloggers! Or, maybe you love crock pot cooking. There is always something to write about. Hell, you could be someone who literally blogs about reading other people’s blogs. It really is endless.

Below you will find a list of mommy blog topics.

30 Mommy blog topics for inspiration…

  1. Your birth story
  2. Your views on epidurals/if you did/didn’t get one
  3. Breastfeeding/formula feeding
  4. Your pregnancy must-haves
  5. First-time mom must-haves
  6. Baby items you love
  7. Baby items you hate
  8. Babywearing love/hate it?
  9. Co-sleeping, yey or ney?
  10. Pumping vs breastfeeding
  11. Puree’s vs baby led weaning
  12. Your first trimester, second trimester, third trimester
  13. Having twins
  14. Child spacing
  15. Mommy beauty tips
  16. Sex after pregnancy
  17. Cleaning products you love
  18. Easy meals for the new mom
  19. Baby registry recommendations
  20. Baby shower recommendations
  21. Gender reveal parties
  22. Pregnancy reveal ideas
  23. How you told your man
  24. Your reaction to finding out you were pregnant
  25. Life before kids
  26. Life after kids
  27. What you would tell your pre-mom self
  28. Inspirational letter to first-time moms
  29. How to meet other moms
  30. How to play with your baby
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The list really can just go on and on. I want to show you how easy it is to expand on any of these topics. Think about it, do you talk to other mom’s about day to day life? Yes. Do you hunt on Pinterest for new tips and tricks? Yes. Do you have an opinion? Hell yes.

So with all that in mind, what’s stopping you?

Do you have a mommy blog? I’d love to read it! Share below in the comments!

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