National Consignment Day – October 2nd

I’m a sucker for consignment shopping. There, I said it. It’s out in the open so now we can just get down to it.

Let’s talk about shopping! More specifically, shopping for a deal.

While it’s a great stress relief, you know, retail therapy, the thrill of the find.

What about the not so thrilling moment when you realize that your amazing find is no longer your favourite. Then to the back of your closet or the bottom of the pile it goes. Then to the trash, or if you’re kind enough you donate it.

But, did you know about consigning? It’s basically thrift shopping but you get money once your item sells. Think of it like selling your things online that are lightly used, but someone else doing all the legwork. Win, win. Actually, win, win, win. You’re saving the environment, getting money back and you’re making Someone feel the joy you did when that item was new!

I personally love thrift shopping and consignment shops. These days there are so many great ones popping up all over the place. In strip malls, stand-alone, and yes, online!

Do you know how much clothing lands in landfills each year? 2.5 billion pounds, yep, I said billion. That’s a lot of waste. Not to mention, there’s no excuse for it. Sure, some things get to the point that garbage is the only option but think about how much you’ve purged in the last year or so. Now think about everyone on your street doing the same, and so on. Yeah. That shit adds up.

So, back to the shopping side! Did you know October 2nd is National Consignment Day? Well, now you know and you’re welcome! This year will be the first year for this great cause, to read more, check out this post by The Real Real.

Have you heard about The Real Real? No? Ok well, keep reading. And if you have, then still, keep reading.

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by following the links within this post Wine and Mommy Time will receive a commission, at no extra cost to you! Things like this keep this blog up and running.

The Real Real, is really cool. They consign amazing designer and high-end products. I’m talking Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel and so much more. And if you’re not a fancy pants they also have other incredible items for you. From handbags to shoes, jewelry and a crapload more.

You can consign through The Real Real as well if you have pieces you’re ready to part with. Also, you receive money back the more you shop. Who doesn’t love that?

With the holidays fast approaching I’m sure there’s someone on your list who needs something a little extra. Maybe your mother in law, maybe that sister in law who you’ve been trying to win over for years. By the way, I’m not speaking from example there, my in-laws are amazing. Seriously. I love the shit out of them.

Adversely, if you need to just gift yourself something with that annual bonus. Either way, you must check out their drool-worthy goods.

I love sites like this because it really takes the stigma away from thrift shopping. People think about used items and all they think of is a store that smells like mothballs. I want to open your eyes up to something much better. The Real Real also guarantees the authenticity of the brands they sell and stick by that.

People buy antique furniture and vintage goods, this is no different.

One thing I didn’t mention, that I should is that when you sign up you get $20 off of your first purchase. Also, if you invite friends you get more! It’s free to signup and virtually drool over their beautiful pieces. With categories for women, men, kids and more, you’re sure to find something wonderful.

Support the first ever National Consignment day by using the hashtag #NeverThrowAway on October 2nd to spread awareness. Sustainability is important now more than ever. Don’t you want to keep our planet green?

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 National Consignment Day - October 2nd

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