Naming Your Baby- 7 things to consider

Bringing a baby into the world is the biggest accomplishment for us. It’s crazy to look down at Mr. P and think, we made you, like you’re half of me and half of my hubby. Trying to wrap my head around that is still sometimes mind blowing when I look at him.

If you have ever gotten a new pet, and had the painstaking task of naming them, you know it’s tough. Now, lets adapt that to being a human. A person who will go through life, with what you choose for them. No pressure right?

We started brainstorming names before we knew Peyton was going to be a boy at all. Mainly to be sure that we would have a name for either gender. I know that some people wait until the baby is born to see their “personality” but seriously, if we went off of newborn personality then his name would be either sleep, eat or poop. Because that’s all they do. You don’t really see their true personality until they start being able to explore both themselves and their little world.

Boy names were really really easy for us, maybe it was a chemical thing, we secretly knew that he would be a boy? Who knows! We certainly weren’t at a loss. Now, when it came to girl names, it took weeks. I’m talking, every day brain storming with nothing we both liked. Frankly I was having a tougher time trying to think of girl names than Geoff was! Finally we came to two names, Peyton for a boy and Victoria for a girl.

When we went to our diagnostic ultrasound to find out the gender we told the tech both of the names. If you read back to this post, about our gender reveal party you will see how we didn’t find out until the big reveal! It was nuts to think that this stranger would know the gender and name of our baby before we did.

So, how did we land on Peyton? Loosely, and I mean very loosely, where we heard the name was from Peyton Manning. No he was not named after him, frankly I’m a Patriots fan. For those of you who live under a rock, Peyton Manning retired as quarterback from the Denver Bronco’s after the 2016 season. Just in time for our Peyton to make his debut! Okay, so another reason why we decided on Peyton was because it is derived from the name Patrick. Patrick was Geoff’s great grandfather’s name whom he was very close with as a child.

Victoria, however, didn’t have significant meaning to us. Other than we liked the name and thought it fit with our names well, also it’s timeless. It doesn’t come from either sides of our family, it was just a beautiful name. Looking into the future, if we are lucky enough to have a girl, I am not sure if we would keep Victoria or not. Maybe we’ll touch back on this when baby #2 is in the works!

Naming babies is tough. I have broken down some points for you to consider when naming your little one.


Does the name have a negative memory for either of you? Maybe you or your partner have known someone in the past that has ruined the name for you. Pretty common issue when picking our names!

Is the name easy to spell/pronounce? This has got to be the biggest pet peeve of mine. Yes we named Peyton a name that can be spelled various ways, but hopefully he won’t have the same issue other kids have. I have been seeing so many people focusing on just having “unique” names, but then complaining that people always get the spelling wrong… Common sense…

Does it have longevity? Okay, this is an odd question I know. But have you ever met someone who either has a name that sounds too old for them or to young for them? Take for instance, Delores. Hopefully this comment doesn’t offend anyone names Delores or someone who is naming their child Delores. But to me, it’s just such an old name for a baby. Later in life, suitable, baby, weird. Get my drift?

Stealing a name. No I don’t mean this as naming your child after someone on purpose. I’m talking about, your friend or family member shares a name with you that they want for a future child and you steal it. Yes. This happens. You may like the name but for all you know, they could have been sitting on it for years. Just because you have one on the way and they don’t, doesn’t give you the right to take it from them. If you do want to use the name, just talk to the person first. Honestly it’s hard choosing one and I couldn’t imagine if someone took Peyton’s name from us.

Google the name you are about to choose, as in first name and their last name together. If there has been a serial killer by the same name, unabomber, that you may not know about, might be worth making sure that you’re not sending those unintentional bad vibes out into the universe. I know it’s a bit of a reach because obviously it doesn’t mean that’s the path they will go down, but just for the sake of them when they are older and someone Google’s their name because they will.

Does your partner agree with it? I know that in some cases, one of the parents is more headstrong in their choice than the other but I really believe that you should both be on the same page. Yes a name can be changed, but that’s paperwork, time and money so just make a smart choice.

Trendy names. Did you know that in 2016, some of the most popular names were from Instagram filters? I’m not joking. Valencia, Juno and Aden were just some of them. I’m not joking. There was something on the radio a few months ago about it, so I don’t have an article to link to but it’s legit. So next time you are watching Game of Thrones reruns, you might want to think twice on how cute Kahleesi would be for your little princess.


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