What This Mom Wants for Mother’s Day – Unfiltered

As you know, Mother’s Day is around the corner. This mommy blogger is going to share what she wants for Mother’s Day, unfiltered.

Whether you’re a working mom, a stay at home mom, or a work from home mom, you’re probably the last person in your home who gets pampered.

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No “fur parents”

And no, fur parents need not apply. Yes, we get that you choose an animal. But it’s not the same. You can leave a dog or cat home, with a bowl of water and food and all is well. It’s a hell of a lot more work to have to organize childcare, their meals, laundry, clean the house, and attempt to take a shower.

It’s 180% different and you’ll never convince me otherwise.

I’ve had pets, and don’t get me wrong. I know their work but seriously chill the hell out. Humans are much more work. End scene. So, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I’m going to spill some real tea. And some real truths. Because that’s what I do.

Tell the damn truth.

Is it so bad that what I really, really, truly want for Mother’s Day is to sleep in, wake up when I feel like it, have a damn mimosa, and have other people just do all of the chores. All of the bottles, food, cleaning, baby chasing, errand running, ass wiping and booger cleaning? Is it that much to ask?

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Don’t get me wrong, I love my squishy toddler more than anything. Seriously, we’ve lucked out with this kid.

But mama needs a break.

What I really, really want

The other weekend, my husband and I took a little road trip down to a little fishing town. On the way there, we passed a sign for a yoga b&b. My heart’s been a flutter ever since. I jokingly said, “one day, I’m going to book a weekend away, where I can write, drink all of the wine, and answer to no one.” My dear hubby’s response, “go for it”.

I thought he was being an ass or something, but he was serious, as a heart attack.

It got me thinking, as mom’s, we don’t do enough of what we want, or much less need to do.

Self care is a struggle, and it’s something that should be taken much more seriously.

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Real, true, me time

I have a really hard time asking for time to myself and feel super guilty for even thinking it, much less asking. My husband and I differ greatly on this front. His alone time happens every day because he’s a runner, though he doesn’t really count that, but that’s another discussion.

Whereas all I want to do in my alone time is write, or watch trashy shows.

Balancing mom, wife, employee, blogging and attempting to live in there somewhere is really damn hard.

My biggest struggle is attempting to make plans, but knowing full well that honestly, I’d rather just chill, in a room that has no cartoons, and do something just for me. Not keeping someone’s company or attention, just doing something that I 110% want to do.

Maybe you want to hang with your mom tribe, and that’s okay too!


Let’s keep it simple

So, as one mama, whos trying to juggle it all, while attempting to keep somewhat of her sanity, hear me out. Sometimes, all a mom wants on mother’s day is a little wine and self-time. And that’s okay.

We don’t need anything fancy. Certainly don’t need flowers because lord knows we have to prune them, put them in a vase and then ultimately throw them out.

No, this mother’s day, ask your lady what she wants and needs.

It could be something totally easy and carefree like watching, Netflix movies or some Mean Girls while eating Ben & Jerry’s and drinking a nice Cabernet Sauvignon.

What do you really want this mother’s day? Share with us below!

What Mom Really Wants on Mother's Day

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