Instagram Worthy Monthly Baby Photos

Long before Peyton was born, I saw an acquaintance of mine doing chalkboard updates for her baby. I thought it was a great idea.

Monthly chalkboard photos are an awesome way to record your baby’s development month to month. Other than developmental milestones you can also write fun things like first Christmas or Halloween, you get the picture.

Some of the things I always include are:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Teeth

Other sections you could put on your board are:

  • Loves
    • Ie. Peek a boo
    • Mary had a little lamb
    • his Jolly jumper, etc.
  • New
    • Started solids
    • Started sleeping through the night
    • Rolled over
    • First word
    • Met the grandparents (if you live far away like we did)
    • First hockey game, etc.

Sometimes if it’s been a slow month I will even include what’s coming up next month. If he had any shots or his developmental doctor appointments, I include as well, more for me because honestly, I don’t think anyone else cares but that’s beside the point right? In order to keep track of new happenings with our little guy, I would keep a running note going on my phone and clear it each month for the next.

I have monthly clothing stickers that I put on his onesie when the photo(s) are taken. Along with a picture of little man and the chalkboard I also take a photo of him with his sticker solo and a photo of just the chalkboard. The range of different stickers you can find is endless. There are even blocks to mark the month or day. Check out some of the ones I found on Amazon at the bottom of this post.

How to Take Instagram Worthy Baby Photos

How to Take Instagram Worthy Baby Photos

Tips for taking your monthly baby photos…

Obviously when they are very young they kind of just lie there anyway, which makes it really easy. When they start rolling that’s when it gets hard. I try to do our photos first thing in the morning since that’s when he is at his happiest.

My schedule on monthly photo day is as follows

  • Measure the little guy in inches
  • Weigh him while he is naked like we do at the doctor. Tip: get on the scale by yourself, then with a naked baby, deduct the difference, bam.
  • Feed him so he’s content and not fussing
  • Take a picture of the chalkboard itself
  • Then with him and the chalkboard, on the floor
  • Then him by himself

Make sure your blinds are open and you get the most natural light as possible. If you need more after the blinds are open, then start turning lights on. Don’t use flash as it will create a glare on the chalkboard. I don’t know about you but my baby does not like flash. However neither do I so I don’t blame him!

Now that you have the basics of what to do, you obviously need to know what to do it with.

What you will need…

  • Chalkboard
  • Chalk or chalk markers
  • Phone with a good camera or a camera
  • Creativity

I already had some chalk markers which I had purchased from Michael’s, however it was only a four pack of colours. I also found that Michael’s ones weren’t as opaque as I would have liked. So on to Amazon I went. I’m not 100% happy with the set I purchased there first but you get what you pay for. They have lasted me about 6 months, I say about because some of the colours crapped out on me early and some are still going strong. For the most recent monthly photo, I ordered new ones which are amazing!

The chalkboard itself I also purchased from, you guessed it, Amazon! I love the size of the one I ended up with, it also comes in different frame finishes depending on your aesthetic!


Now that you have the supplies have fun with it, feel free to comment below with how you made out!

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How to Take Instagram Worthy Baby Photos

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