The Minimalist’s Christmas Bucket List – Blogmas Day 2

We’re unwrapping Blogmas day two people! Christmas comes but once a year. Thank Buddha for that because boy oh boy do we ever try to cram a lot in. This year’s Christmas bucket list isn’t going to be over the top. It’s going to be attainable! Enter the minimalist Christmas bucket list.

Oh, the bucket list. It can be just as advantageous as planning to have all of your gifts purchased and wrapped before December 1st. To you animals who can do this, you terrify me. Seriously, how do you manage?

I don’t know why, but every year I search Pinterest aimlessly for what I should do during the Christmas season. Every year I save or pin tons of lofty bucket lists, which leave me feeling defeated come boxing day.

Let’s face it. Having to work, do household chores, grocery runs and all that crap that we normally do, it takes up all of our time as it is. So, this year, let’s make a list that won’t let us down! Something that we can get some great, Instagrammable moments. You know, to show you’re winning at the holidays, in the eyes of your peers.

New year, new list

Last Christmas was Peyton’s first Christmas. That in itself was super special and we made family time, in general, the forefront of our holiday season. It was also my first Christmas spent with my parents in nearly 12 years. Yep, I said 12. In Vancouver, we always spent it with our friends, something I truly did miss last year. Our friends were like family to us there, we love and miss them dearly.

This year we will be going to visit Geoff’s family down in Cape Breton, for a few short days. The plan was, last year with my family, this year with his, then from then on out, we start to make our own family traditions. I think that’s fair!

The theme I’m going for this year is minimalist. Oh I know what you’re thinking, the holiday’s are no place for hipsters. Just wait though, I have a reason behind it! As a couple, hubby and I, in general, prefer making memories over buying things. Something we want to instill in our little guy, and any future rugrats. It brings back the meaning of Christmas and frankly, takes a lot of unnecessary stress away.

Check out my minimalist Christmas bucket list!

See the Santa parade

Pretty well every city has one of these so it’s easy enough to bundle up and enjoy the floats, music and of course Santa! Get on the Google machine and see when your city is having theirs. If all else fails, there is always one on tv. Most towns also have their’s on public broadcasting so check your local listings.


Luckily this is already worked into ours this year. While the weather here on the east coast can be treacherous through the winter, I’m hoping it’ll hold off for Christmas weekend. Even little day trips to rural towns can be fun in the winter. Who knows, you may come across an adorable little mom and pop shop selling incredible apple pies. Yum!

Drink hot chocolate

Drink it normally, dress it up, booze it up! There’s no wrong way to do hot chocolate. Ps, have you tried white hot chocolate? If not, go pick some up, it’s a lovely change to the norm!

Make Irish cream

What are the holiday’s without Irish cream, better commercially known as Bailey’s. Over the past few years, I’ve been making my own. You can find those recipes here! By the way, there’s a vegan and normal option in there, just in case!

Drive around to see the lights

Probably one of the only time’s it’s socially acceptable to drive far below the speed limit and creep other people’s houses. Last year we attempted this and either we went to the wrong neighborhood, or maybe the power was out. Either way, it was a flop. This year, I’ve already seen a lot of lights in our neighborhood so I’m really excited to take a drive around soon and see them all a glow.

Bake something

Anything, just bake something. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it can be as simple as those Pillsbury cookies you just pop in the oven. Baking couldn’t be more Christmassy if it tried and you’ll feel like you’re winning at motherhood when you go to work on Monday and you can say you did Christmas baking. They don’t need to know the details.

Christmas day walk

Did you know this was, and still is an English tradition? Hubby and I were watching a show on Netflix, Very British Problems. Well, they had a Christmas episode, where the Brit’s were chattering on about this Christmas day walk. Apparently, King Henry VIII made this a law in 1541! How health conscious. The point is to get out with your loved ones, bundle up and enjoy some quality time. Maybe it’s in nature, maybe it’s through your downtown core. Whatever. Get out of the house, enjoy each other’s company.

Attend a tree lighting ceremony

Similar to the Santa parade, most towns will light up a massive tree, usually in their town center. Here, each town seemed to have their own this year. I also just saw a posting in my elevator the other day that our building’s tree lighting is this weekend. How cute!

Decorate a tree

Have your own tree lighting ceremony at home! This is a given but, for the love of all things listy, put this on because you know it will happen. Naturally, you need to add some music to the mix, might I suggest the Glee Christmas album, or maybe Michael Buble? Oh, and some Irish cream, or wine, for the love of all things tinsel, don’t forget the booze.

Buy Quality Street

Is it even Christmas if you don’t have a tin of these in your home? I think not. Go buy you one and make yourself sick by trying to eat them all in one night.

Pictures with Santa

Obvious and cliche but it must be done! I remember last year, our first year doing Santa photos, Peyton did awesomely! We shall see how this year goes folks! Pro tip, if you can, do your photo on a weekday, shorter lines. Duh!

Doctor Who Christmas episode

It just occurred to me that I really don’t talk about my nerdy side much… Doctor Who is one of my all-time favourite things. Luckily hubby likes my fandom as well. They always do a great Christmas episode and this year will be no exception because they will be introducing the new Doctor. Who is a woman, finally! Hear us roar! Aside from watching this year’s one, we try to watch past season’s as well, depending on time constraints.

Watch Christmas movies

Another obvious choice, but, needs to be said. From here on out, I’ll probably have at least one holiday show or movie on per night until I’m visually beaten into submission by all things festive.

Take a family photo

With all of the running around, present buying, food preparing, and list making. Don’t forget to snap a pic of you and your fam-jam. It goes by in a flash and it’s nice to look back and see more than just pictures of your perfectly decorated tree or wrapped gifts. Family is the reason for season so enjoy them!

Did I miss anything that’s on your list? Share with me below in the comments!

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The Minimalist Christmas Bucket List - Blogmas Day 2

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