Merry Christmas 2017 – Blogmas Day 25

It’s here! Christmas day is here! Blogmas day 25. The holiday festivities are in full swing for us! Merry Christmas!

On Friday we decided to jump into our Christmas road trip early since there was inclement weather in the forecast for Saturday. We made really good time and got to my in-laws in no time. Well, 4ish hours, give or take. But good time if you ask me! I picked the hubby up from work and we were on our way with the little man. We arrived by just after 9pm and Peyton went to bed soon after, as if totally normal.

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No road trip would be complete with some sort of mishap. Ours was that one of our headlights decided to die. It died right when we pulled out of the gas station for our fill up. Oh well. There are worse things. We’ll get it sorted when we get back home. It shouldn’t be an issue.

Getting to spend the holidays with family is what this time is all about. I could honestly care less about the presents and all that. I just want some good wine, good laughs and some good memories.

From our family to yours, the Merriest of Christmas’, and a Happy New Year, cheers!

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