March Mocktails – part 1 of a month-long series

Okay, so I know that I talk a lot about wine and such, hence, Wine Wednesday, and frankly the title of this blog. But what about my sober ladies (and gents). You deserve some love too.

Also, with this being Peyton’s birthday month, especially his first birthday. I’ve decided to make the theme of Wine Wednesday’s for the next few weeks to be mocktails! Little man wasn’t supposed to make it into the world until mid April but he graced us three weeks early on March 27th, so March 2016 was the last month I had to say no to booze. Granted I was pumping so I still didn’t drink for awhile, but still! You get it.

Weather you’re pregnant, it’s a life choice, calorie budgeting, spiritual reasons, you have to be a designated driver, or whatever. Mocktails are a great way to still feel like you’re part of the party or to just have a break from water.I will be sending drink recipes your way each week in March instead of wine tips.


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March Mocktails - Wine Wednesday - Wine and Mommy Time
When I was pregnant the biggest annoyance of mine was when people would poke fun at me not being able to drink, see this post for reference. It made me really think about other options other than h2o.

Many times I would either be at a function, or even just hanging out at home with the hubby and think, hey, I deserve a treat too! It also really made me think about how I could offer better choices to guests when they would come over, or even drinks I would plan for parties and dinners. It certainly changed my mindset.

Just because your drink doesn’t have alcohol in it, doesn’t mean it has to be boring.


Some simple fixes could be…

Water flavour enhancers (such as Mio, Skinny Girl or others) – Just watch out for aspartame*

Flavoured sparkling water – there are so many to choose from now!

Plain sparkling water with fresh berries or fruit

Plain sparkling water with juice (think a virgin mom-mosa)


Personally, I always have water flavour enhancers around. Not only do they help me get enough water intake but drinking plain water, all of the time, gets boring. As you know. Also, note how I’m not even going to mention pop? For obvious reasons…

Aside from those obvious, or not so obvious, have you ever tried non-alcoholized wines or sparkling ciders? They are actually delicious. Even while not pregnant, if I had to drive but still wanted to have the taste of wine, I would totally pick one up! You can easily find them at your local grocer or big box store like Walmart or Target. Just make sure that they are totally alcohol free. Some dealcoholized beer still have some alcohol in them so I didn’t bother with those at all.

So, without further adieu, check out some of these awesome mocktails I have discovered below!


Enter the first March Mocktail round up…

Sangria – The Kitchn


Nojito – Mix That Drink


Coconut Lavendar Lemonade – Confetionalism


Mai Tai Mocktail Party Punch – Liz On Call


Grapefruit and Rosemary Mocktail – Place of My Taste


So, that’s my first March Mocktail round up. I don’t want to give it all away in one go so stay tuned for next week’s post!


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