How to Create Instagram Highlight Covers

How to Create Instagram Highlight Covers Tutorial

I’m really trying to up my Instagram game. Frankly, I’ve been neglecting it, which as a blogger is a no-no. I had a bit of a time trying to figure out how to create Instagram highlight covers, so in my searches, I’ve decided to chronical how I did it! It’s actually pretty easy, and rather than having someone design them for you for about $10-$20, just DIY it. Save your money, get you something pretty.

Creating your highlight images

Pop on over to Canva and create a design.

Then click on blog graphic.

Then, click on backgrounds and choose, or customize to the color of your choice. This will be the primary color of your highlight icons. If you prefer, you can use an image. However, if you are using an image, make sure it’s still easy to make out any font or graphic you’re using as your primary indicator of what’s behind that icon. Remember, keep it easy on the eye.

Click on text, and then add a heading. This will be the title if you choose to use words on your highlight covers. I personally prefer graphics so if you choose that route as well, move on to the next step.

Add a graphic by clicking elements, and then click shapes. Now you can search the various graphics to find what really speaks to you, or what works best for the covers you’re wanting to make. Do this by typing a word into the search field. Try to keep your elements in similar size so that your covers will be cohesive. I tried to keep mine around 300×300 when possible.

The categories you choose to make are totally up to you! My categories are as follows:

Mom life, blogging, wine, food, beauty, and fun. I may add more in the future, but for now, that’s it!

Once you’re happy with your icon, click file, then save. While I know Canva does autosave, sometimes you work a bit too fast so just be sure to do this step.

Now it’s time to click download! Select JPG file type when doing this.

So, you’ve got your shiny new highlight covers. What’s next?

Time to get them on your phone and get them on Instagram!

There are many ways to put images from your computer onto your phone. My favorite is Gdrive, I use Google for damn near everything and file sharing is certainly a part of that. Once I’ve put them in my Google Drive on my computer, I can easily download them from the GDrive app onto my phone.

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Let’s get them onto your Instagram now!

All you have to do, is upload them to your story. To do that go to your main feed and select the camera. In your options for Live, normal, boomerang, etc., you should see a square with squiggles, that is where you can select an image that already exists on your phone. Choose that, and then find your covers that you downloaded from your file share app. You will need to upload them one by one.

Let your followers know that you’ll be posting some random stuff to your story in advance, just to give them a heads up!

Turn them into Instagram highlight covers

Now that your new cover photos are in your Instagram story, you can highlight them! To do this, go to your profile, and press the ( + ) new icon. This should be right under your bio. Then press next.

If your image isn’t lining up the way you want it to, you can select Edit Cover to move it as you like.

Lastly, name your highlight and press done.Keep in mind, the first one you add to your highlights will be your last option. So with that in mind, to get Mom Life to be my first one, I had to add it last.

Do these steps for each of your highlight covers. And with that, you now have beautiful, new covers and a cohesive look!

But how do I add to those highlight covers?

Glad you asked. Because I did too!

First add to your normal story. Like you did with adding your images for the highlight cover photos.

Next, press and hold the category image you want to add to, select edit highlight. Now you can choose from your archived stories and choose the one you want!

If this tutorial was helpful for you, please let me know by tagging me @wineandmommytime in one of your posts so I can check it out! Just make sure to let me know that’s why you’re tagging me, hehe.

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How to Make Instagram Highlight Covers Tutorial

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