How Wine and Mommy Time Began

An about page can only share so much. To know more about how and why Wine and Mommy Time came to be please read on.

First, there was cheerleading…

Let’s bring it way back, way back to grade 8 when blogs didn’t exist and Livejournal was the closest thing to what we know today as a blog. In grade 8 I had my first experience with cheerleading when my junior high brought in a group of high school cheerleaders to start a club at our school.

Why am I talking about cheerleading, of all things? It will all make sense very soon, I promise. Our club served a purpose to teach us fundamentals of the sport and for us to gain interest. At the end of that school year, our coaches told us about tryouts for a team that they were running, it was a competitive team that was made up of people from schools all over. I thought this was a great opportunity to learn more about the sport and to also meet new people. I attended the tryout and a few days later my phone rang, it was one of the coaches telling me that I made the team! That year we went on to win our provincial title for our division and I fell in love with the team atmosphere.

Since it was my grade 9 year, at that time it meant that the next season would be as I was starting high school, with that I would be moving up a level. During my tryout I got a concussion and could not complete the qualifications, because of this I did not make that team. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. I told my woes to a fellow friend who at the time was in the process of leaving the cheer company he was with and was moving to another, he told me of their tryouts happening the following weekend. I attended the tryouts and made the team. This company saw me through my high school years of cheerleading.

Then there was a boy…

In May of my grade 12 year of high school, tryouts for the level 6 team in my company were being held. In my first stunt group placement, I met a guy who was four years older than myself and later I would come to find would change my life completely, his name was Geoff. He had recently moved to Halifax from Cape Breton. He shook my hand and we introduced ourselves. The evening went on as tryouts do, bouncing around from group to group. Both of us made the team.

As weeks went on everyone was starting to gel within the team and he made an effort to organize a party for everyone, this is what started our friendship. We started hanging out. Weeks and months went by and he quickly became my best friend, someone I cared deeply for and someone I confided in.

Eventually, we started dating.

Then there was Vancouver…

For many years, my ambitions were to attend makeup school. My parents, however, were not entirely supportive as it was on the other side of the country. After a year of dating Geoff, my parents gave me the green light to apply for school, I was accepted! This meant however that I would have to move to Vancouver. On my own at 20 and our relationship would be tested.

In August of 2009, I made the move from Halifax to Vancouver. With a four-hour time difference, trying to find a mutual time to talk, outside of him working and me being at school was difficult. My first visit home was Christmas vacation. Prior to my vacation the distance between us physically was getting more and more difficult and I was unsure of what this trip would mean for us. To my surprise, after nearly 6 months apart, Geoff proposed on Christmas Eve in front of his parents and two younger sisters. I said yes!

Arriving back to Vancouver, by myself, on my 21st birthday, newly engaged raised so many questions. Would he move to me? Would I move back east? When will we get married? After a year of long distance, Geoff made the choice to move to Vancouver after visiting in March and falling in love with the city like I had. He moved July 2010. Life, sports and music events, work and all things a big city can offer flooded by and finally we started wedding planning. In August of 2012, we married back in Nova Scotia as all of our family is there.

Baby talk…

Before Geoff’s 30th birthday in 2015, we had started seriously talking about a timeline for starting a family. My sister-in-law came to town for Geoff’s birthday with her now-husband and their two kids, it cemented the plan. It was time. We started trying for a baby as soon as the birthday weekend passed. With everyone telling us it takes a while to get pregnant we figured we still had a lot of time on our hands.


I was pregnant within a month. Lucky us!! Three days before our 3rd wedding anniversary I took a pregnancy test. Before the time was up the second line appeared and I was so excited!

Upon learning that we were having a baby we planned for an announcement photo shoot to document our moment in time. A time when we would be growing from two to three. Before learning about the baby on the way, we had already booked a trip back east. Geoff was going to be in a friend’s wedding. This would be perfect timing to tell our families as I was not yet 12 weeks and not ready to go public. Our families were over the moon. Geoff’s family already had two grandchildren but for my parents, this was their first.

Time went on and we eventually found out about the gender of our imposing baby to be. As I am a planner and needed to know. We were having a boy! March 27, 2016, marked the new chapter in our lives. We welcomed Peyton into the world.

Why a blog?

When I was pregnant I read a lot of blogs to see other’s experiences in pregnancy and new mommy-hood. The experiences and stories of others were very insightful and I hope to do the same for you as well. As mentioned, I read blogs about experiences, not medical advice. If I am to give you any advice to walk away with at all. It is that if you have any medical questions about your pregnancy please consult your healthcare team, not Google.

Aside from being a new, and first-time mom, I love DIY projects, reality TV, wine, sports and creating new memories. I may not be an expert mom, wife, or human. But, I can offer a view into my own experiences. I hope that you at the very least find amusement out of my journey.

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