15 Clever Ways How to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant!

Congratulations! You’re pregnant! Now you need to figure out how to tell the other half who helped make you this way. I’ve gathered some great ideas on how to tell your husband you’re pregnant. Quite possibly the most nerve-wracking part of your pregnancy announcement.

Since you’re the first to know the news, it’s only fitting that you plan a great surprise for your hubby! His surprise will at least be a bit more hygienic than a stick and a bathroom trip. Or at least it should be after these clever ideas!

15 ways to tell your husband you're pregnant

How I did it

When I told my husband, it was more of a symbolic situation. I basically tried to get him to figure it out with a clever note and a few items. You can read how that all went down in Oh My God, I’m Pregnant – how I told my husband.

The moment I saw the positive result come up on my pregnancy test I knew I had to figure out how to tell Geoff. But how? So I jumped on Pinterest for some inspiration. If you want to see the board that keeps me on my toes, and that I’m constantly adding to, go follow Pregnancy Announcement.

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Ladies everywhere are getting really inventive with this, and I love it! From Mad Gab to photoshoots. There are so many fun and thoughtful ways we can surprise the guys.

I’m really enjoying rhyming today, can you tell?

At this very moment, my womb is empty and I’m sipping on a Malbec. However, seeing these announcements makes me miss the rush of telling my husband the news. For other things, I miss about pregnancy, check out my post 9 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant. For now, I’ll enjoy the creative ways these ladies told their dudes. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well!

At the bottom of his coffee cup // Source

Dad’s cookies or root beer would certainly do the trick // Source

Stick this on his car, see how long it takes him to notice // Source

A guitar pick if he’s musically inclined // Source

There are so many takes on this. Donuts, chocolates, you name it! // Source

A surprise photoshoot // Source

If he loves coffee like my man does, this is perfect! // Source

Say you’re preggo with an Eggo // Source unknown

Catch his reaction in a photobooth // Source

Say it with Starbucks // Source

Let a card do the talking // Source

Some light reading may do the trick // Source

An easy printable in a frame // Source

On a dinner plate, preferably with Prego pasta sauce // Source

A cute spoon to go with his cereal, or ice cream! // Source

It’s easy to get caught up in something really extravagant. As you can see, some of these ideas are really easy! The biggest recommendation I would have is for you to make sure to have your camera (or phone) ready. Document his reaction, regardless if you choose to share it with the public or not. Having a visual to show your child when they are older, Daddy’s reaction is pretty cool. For that matter, when you’re waiting for your pregnancy test to do its thing, put your phone on a timer, have it burst photos for awhile so you can capture your reaction. Mom’s reaction is probably the least photographed one of all but it’s equally amazing.

As for now, since there is no bun in my oven, I will just have to daydream about which one of these choices I would pick next time!

How did you tell your guy that you were expecting? Share your story in the comments below!

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15 ways to tell your husband you're pregnant

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