How To Start A Blog & How to Revamp Your Current Look

Are you thinking of starting a blog? Or maybe your blog needs a little refresh. With these two workbooks, you will teach you how to start a blog, or revamp your blogs current look!
Over the past year and a bit, I’ve been sharing blogging tips sprinkled throughout some mom-life realness. I’ve come up with two, easy to follow workbooks.
While these workbooks are great, I’ve decided to take it one step further. When I started creating these workbooks I realized that there are better ways to convey a blog setup, start to finish, in its full capacity. So, at this very moment, I’m undergoing a huge project. An online course!
Yep, you read right.
I’m finally dipping in, rather, full on diving in.
Anyone who downloads either, or both of the free workbooks below, will receive an email once the course is completely finished and ready to launch. You’ll also get an exclusive deal, so keep your eyes on your inbox because I am aiming to launch by summer 2018! My course will teach you how to start a blog, my tips and tricks to find time in your busy life to have a blog, and also some really great, honest, no fluff advice.
Yep, I know, never said I was sane. However, I welcome this challenge and raise you two handy workbooks in the meantime to help you get up and on your way.
But Libby, that’s so soon!

In the meantime, if you haven’t read any of the posts below, and are still on the fence about if you want to dive into this crazy world, please read them!

Now, time for the really juicy stuff.

Is Your Blog Ready?

Simply put, this is a beginners guide to knowing if your blog is ready to launch, or if you, yourself are ready to get in on the blogging life. It’s a printable workbook that is meant for you to fill out, brainstorm, and really get your creative wheels turning. Here are my top blogging resources, they will also come in handy alongside this workbook!
While this isn’t my entire blueprint, it’s a great starting point. Plus, it’s free, no strings attached. This post about how to launch a blog in 3 steps will also help you.
Is Your Blog Ready? Will bring you from the conception of your blog, even down to brainstorming your name, target audience, topics to write about and much more.

Click here to download your free copy!

Discover Your Blog Brand Identity

This workbook is a short, and to the point, way to find your brand’s image. Questions will prompt you to think about what your visual design will be.
There is a great page included which I consider to be my personal sidekick. Why? Because it’s my blog’s cheatsheet, visually! It’s a great way to keep your font choices, color codes, as well as images of inspiration, and more, all in one easy to find spot.
You even get a snapshot of Pinterest image design as well!
If you’re interested in also upping your Instagram game, check out this post on how to create Instagram story covers. It’s really easy!

Discover Your Blog Brand Identity

Click here to download your free copy!

When you opt-in to download either, or both of these workbooks, I welcome you to email me feedback on how they served you. You can simply reply to the email you receive the download from, it’s that easy!

I’d like to know a few things:

  • Is there anything you would change?
  • What is it missing?
  • Was it easy to follow?
  • Did you successfully launch your blog or change your blog for the better?

I want the good, the bad and the ugly. Don’t worry, I can take it.
So, either leave your comments below or feel free to email me personally at

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