How to Get a Favicon on Your WordPress Blog

How to Get a Favicon on Your WordPress Blog

Does your blog have a favicon? If it doesn’t yet, you need one. Honestly, super easy to make and make happen. Learn how to make a favicon in this post for your blog or site!

What is a favicon? Let me show you…

See the little icons in each of the browser tabs? They didn’t happen by mistake. My blog and those sites created and uploaded their own favicons! Cool eh!?

Why are they important? Well… they’re a part of your brand. And frankly, it’s an easy way to add even more personalization to your blog.

Ask yourself one question, how many browser tabs do you have open now? Probably a few. Or a lot. I usually have a lot and multiple windows… My poor brain.

Do you notice something? All of them have favicons.

It’s a really good way to make your tab stand out. Think of it as a little hand, virtually waving, reminding people they have you there.

Favicon tips:

  • Simple
  • Clean
  • Easy to identify
  • Colors identify with your brand

Don’t know what to choose? Keep it über simple. Mine is a W for what else, Wine & Mommy Time, naturally!

Other ideas are symbols or icons that you identify with. Much like in my post about Instagram highlight covers, it’s really easy to design these.

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Luckily, Canva actually has templates when you search logo! Keep in mind, however, that unless you upgrade, you will still have a white background with your favicon. If you’re so inclined, you can pop it into Photoshop and remove the background. I just haven’t done that yet is all.

Now that you have your favicon, you need to add it to your blog. But how? Glad you asked!

In your WordPress dashboard, hover over Appearance, and then click on Customize. By the way, this only works if you are using a self-hosted WordPress. Trust me, I tried when I wasn’t self-hosted, couldn’t do it.

Once you’re in your customize menu, click on Site Identity. This is where the magic will happen. In my case, it says Remove, or Change Image, if you don’t currently have one, it may say something else. This is where you will upload your favicon!

Once you’ve uploaded it, click on Publish, and voila! You now have a snazzy new favicon!

See how easy that was?

Make sure to share this with your other blogging buddies, or gals on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest using my social sharing buttons. And thank you!

How to make a favicon and put it on your WordPress blog

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