Host a Sip and See Party – the hottest new thing!

Thanks to tv shows like Southern Charm, us folks up north have been introduced to Sip and See’s!

What exactly is a sip and see?

Well, it’s a long-time tradition done in the south. A baby shower of sorts but it’s held after mama and baby are home from the hospital! It’s a great, casual meet and greet for the new parents to show off their new bundle of joy. Consider it like an open house for the new parents.

Why do I love this idea? Well, the idea of it being a drop in situation is great for one. Also, the fact that since the baby is now here in the world, people actually know what you need for gifts, and you do as well! Another fun fact, you can finally have a glass of wine. So there’s that!

Sip and see’s are a great casual way for friends and family to mingle and meet the new baby. Personally, I think that they are so much more ideal because it lets mama have some time just enjoying her friends and having everyone shower the baby with love after they are born.

Another fun fact, you can finally have a glass of wine. So there’s that!

Throw a sip and see party for your newborn!

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What about the baby shower though?

If you already had a baby shower and are planning a sip and see, don’t feel bad to share the link to your registry. There will be things that obviously haven’t been purchased yet and people are more apt to shower a baby they can cuddle than one that’s still in the womb. Just speaking from experience y’all.

Just speaking from experience y’all.

On the flip side, some people don’t get to have a baby shower due to various reasons. Maybe your babe came really early, or you were just too darn busy. It happens! When you’re in your early weeks of parenthood you’ll be home a lot. So take advantage and have a mini shindig!

Not just for the south!

While sip and see’s are very southern, they’re making their way up north. Frankly, I’m all for it and think it’s a great idea! The host will serve refreshments like tea, infused water, spiked punches or bubbly, along with some light finger food.

We kind of had an impromptu sip and see when my mother-in-law came to visit shortly after the little man was born. Hubby had some extended family who lived near us out west and they came over with gifts and all sorts of spoils for our little guy. Including food, refreshments and all sorts of love.

Another upside to these parties is that people are wanting to drop in all over the place when your baby comes home. But it can be stressful for new parents having people just stopping by all the time. Having a sip and see will give people a dedicated time to stop in, say hi and offer cuddles. And then you can get back to your new normal-ish.

Maybe if your lucky, people will bring food so you don’t have to half-ass yet another meal. If you’ve had a baby, you know what I’m talking about.

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7 Super fun sip and see party themes!

Advice on planning a sip and see:

When you get home from the hospital it’s easy to slip into those baby blues and feel very much alone. Why not take advantage of this wonderful tradition! Even if you’ve had a baby shower, you probably had some people who couldn’t make it or some who said they want to stop in after the baby is here. Use this time to share that birth story, hang out with people you care about and show off that new babe!

If you do choose to have a sip and see, I highly suggest not scheduling it for as soon as your home from the hospital. Give you, your spouse and your new baby time to get into a bit of a groove. First weeks of parenthood are challenging, your learning from ground level and you want to feel comfortable as parents in a crowd. Try not to overwhelm yourselves by inviting the whole neighborhood because well, it’s overwhelming. Another thing to think about it germs, make it very clear that if anyone has a cold to keep their germs at home and visit at another time.

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You don’t have to worry about being the center of attention at these parties which is perfect for mom’s who feel anxious about being in the spotlight. That has got to be one of the most awkward part about a baby shower. It’s like you’re on this weird pedestal, no bueno. Also, a sip and see typically doesn’t include tacky games, so that’s great! It’s for both men and women alike so your guests don’t have to feel segregated from their significant others.

If you’re worried that you won’t have time to do all of the planning and organizing fear not! I have an idea for that too!

Enlist the help of your baby’s godparents, or a friend of honor (like a maid of honor). This way you won’t be overwhelmed. Plus, as a parent now, you need to start getting into the mindset to ask for help when you need it, so start now!

Sip and see themes:

Throw a brunch themed sip and see!

Brunch buffet

Who doesn’t love brunch? I don’t know about you, but maybe it’s because we can’t brunch every single day because well… Life.

You could make a waffle bar for your guests have a cereal selection with yogurt and fruit. Don’t forget the coffee!

Throw an ice cream bar themed sip and see party!

Ice cream parlor

Aside from brunch, hello, ice cream. This is probably one of the easiest setups because well, just pick up flavors and toppings. It’s that easy!

For the sake of dishes, and not wanting to wash them, think about getting disposable bowls and spoons. You’re washing enough as it is.

Be sure to have frozen yogurt or vegan options.

Babies VS Parents - A baby shower or parents night in game

Babies vs parents – game

I know I mentioned that you don’t have to play lame games. I’m sure you cringe when you hear the term party game. Well, this game, in particular, is so not lame. It’s like cards against humanity, but parenthood version! Download your free copy here!

We played it at my baby shower and it was a massive hit!

Sushi themed sip and see party

Sushi bar

If you’re anything like me, sushi is the one thing you’ve been missing so much through your pregnancy. Well, wine too, but… Sushi!

When we got home from the hospital, my first meal was sushi. My girlfriend Julie came by with it literally within the hour of us getting home. I was the heart eye emoji personified.

If you are doing a sushi bar, make sure to keep the sushi cool, try putting a serving tray of ice under the tray you’re serving the sushi on.

Throw a high tea themed sip and see!

High tea

High tea, is so elegant. There’s something about bite-sized everything that is just so awesome. Maybe it’s because your eating little things, you feel better about hoovering down like 20 mini sandwiches… Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, high tea is super cute and fun. However, it does require a fair amount of work, you may want catering for this one, or a lot of helpful hands.

The biggest thing, don’t forget different types of tea! Be sure to have coffee on hand in case some guests don’t like tea. Also, having, or renting a carafe to keep water to temperature will save your sanity.

Throw a hot chocolate themed sip and see!

Hot cocoa bar

Are you having a winter baby? Lucky you!!! Seriously!

How cute would a build your own hot chocolate party be? Similar to high tea, but you can adorn your table with coffee cakes, biscotti, and toppings!

Hot cocoa is like a hug in a mug. And if you really want to amp things up, make it Irish by having some homemade Irish cream available.

Throw a coed huggies and chuggies sip and see!

Huggies and chuggies – or mimosas

This is a really common baby shower theme for doing a coed party. They bring diapers (the Huggies portion), and you supply the drinks (chuggies).

This makes for a great, low key event for both you and attendees. They don’t feel stressed about the whole gift situation because you’re suggesting diapers right off the bat!

Make sure to let people know you’ll need diapers in all sizes. Your baby won’t be in newborn ones for very long if at all depending on how big they were when they were born.

Have you hosted, or been to a sip and see? I’d love to read about your experience in the comments below!

All about sip and see parties!

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