Happy Little Bodies Review – baby eczema relief

Treating skin issues in babies, toddlers and kids can be difficult. You don’t want to use harmful chemicals, but you also want something that will work! I’ve been introduced to a beautiful line of natural baby products for baby eczema and they’ve been amazing!

Just to be honest with y’all, I received these products for free so I could share my experience with you! Lucky for you, I actually approached this brand, and not the other way around. They sent me three products to try on my little guy and this is my honest review based off of our results.

Last summer we started noticing our son had really dry patches. They showed up behind his knees, just under his bum and sometimes on his back. He also has a dry scalp. My husband had chronic eczema so it’s no surprise our son ended up with it too.

This summer it’s been heatwave after heatwave which I’m sure hasn’t been helping with our son’s skin issues in the least.

Over the past year and a bit, we’ve been back and forth trying different products. From Aveeno to Live Clean, Honest Company, Lush, and some other brands. They all stopped it from getting worse, but they didn’t effectively treat the patches, and certainly didn’t make them go away.

I’m always on the search for more natural products, when possible, and when attainable. I came across Happy Little Bodies on Instagram and was intrigued instantly. Their packaging was cute, but more than that, they’re cortisone, steroid, paraben free and more!

Happy Little Bodies baby eczema relief review

You can find Happy Little Bodies products at:


  • Shoppers Drug Mart

  • PharmaSave Direct

  • Pharmachoice

  • McKesson

  • *Soon* London Drugs


  • Amazon

  • Walmart

  • iHerb
  • Well.ca

Natural eczema relief for babies, kids and parents!

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By the way, they’re a Canadian brand, so that’s a huge plus! Keep that cash flow in our economy!

Happy Little Bodies is a brand within the Flexitol company, they also make products for adults, including treatments for nail fungal issues. Which I may also need to get my hands on, because Peyton has nasty toenails. Not at any fault of ours, it’s genetic, but gross nonetheless.

Bullet points about the brand:

  • They’re Canadian (yay!)
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • The products are clinically tested
  • Specifically for babies
  • Free from cortisone, steroids, parabens, nut oils, and artificial fragrance
  • The only fragrance comes from essential oils
  • The only medicinal ingredient is colloidal oatmeal!

Happy Little Bodies baby eczema relief review

The look

Their packaging is super clean looking, simple and really cute. Packaging doesn’t need to be crazy and over the top and a love that they keep it clean. Much like their ingredients!

The lotion comes in a squeeze tube, as does the intensive treatment cream. I like that you can control the amount you’re getting rather than pumping and using too much. However, pumps do have a time and a place and can be handy.

The bath and hair wash comes in a pump format which I love. I feel like bath wash always should because let’s be honest, those slippery bodies are enough to deal with. So thank you Happy Little Bodies for recognizing this! Also, the bottle doesn’t take up too much real estate it’s a great design! One thing I can’t say for the other brand in our shower.

The scent and texture

Baby Eczema Body Wash & Shampoo

Happy Little Bodies is primarily non-scented. The shower products have no scent at all which is great because that means no perfumes to irritate their skin or more importantly, eyes! This wash itself has a gel-like consistency which is mostly translucent. Best of all, it’s soap free!

By the way, I’m a weirdo and always rub new bath washes for my son, in my own eyes to make sure they’re tear-free. Risky I know but I’d rather bite the bullet then risk putting my son through that. Their bath wash passed the test with flying colors!

Want to know what the body wash doesn’t have? It doesn’t have any of the above-mentioned items, SLS, orĀ sulfates, and is clinically tested to be non-irritating.

Image courtesy of Happy Little Bodies

Baby Eczema Moisturizing Lotion

The daily body lotion has a very light, fresh scent from essential oils. The formula itself is very light to the touch which had me worried at first because I usually see eczema creams being thicker. However, don’t let this super lightweight formula fool you, my son wakes up with soft and supple skin which hasn’t happened in a long time! He stays moisturized all day without ever being greasy. Just like the bath wash, less is more. It glides effortlessly onto his skin and absorbs really well. That means no sticky wrestling into pjs. You know the struggle, it’s real. But with this lotion, it doesn’t happen at all!

Want to know how long it holds moisture for? It’s clinically tested to increase hydration by a whole 35%. In just 7 days. Our family can attest to that because it certainly has for our little man. We also love that even though it’s an eczema cream, it’s perfect for long-term use. Many aren’t.

Image courtesy of Happy Little Bodies

Baby Eczema Relief Cream

At first I wasn’t sure why the tube was so small, however, I understand now! This little tube of gold is only for flare-ups and only for the affected area. You need a pea size or smaller. Like the daily lotion, it is light and goes a very long way. Start with much less than you think you need because a teeny bit spreads really, really far and this is only for the patches. Not their whole body.

The treatment cream has a beautiful peppermint scent which I love, and our son seems to as well!

Image courtesy of Happy Little Bodies


Before I received my package in the mail, I thought that this was only for eczema treatment. After reading their info pamphlet, I was quite surprised.

Happy Little Bodies can be used for eczema, skin irritations, soothing bug bites, poison oak and so much more! Making this a great product to throw in your diaper bag. That way if you’re out and about and you or your little one get a bite, or a run in with a shifty bush, you will be soothed, without the chemicals and toxins which are typically in those products.

Price point & conclusion

Luckily, this brand won’t break the bank. Coming in at a compatible price to that of Live Clean, Honest Company and Aveeno.

If you’ve tried any of the companies above and didn’t get the results you were hoping for to relieve your little one, or yourself for that matter, I highly suggest giving Happy Little Bodies a try.

Admittedly, I’ll probably be picking up their toe products for our little guy soon. And probably the adult line of lotion for my hubby to help him out!

Happy Little Bodies baby eczema relief review

Who is it perfect for?

  • Babies, toddlers or kids

  • Littles with skin issues

  • Parents who want natural products

  • Anyone looking for a product that really works

  • People who have tried everything

  • Someone who wants products to treat and prevent skin problems

Who is it not for?

  • People who don’t want great skin for their kids

Do you have any products that work for your family to treat baby eczema? Share them in the comments below!

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