12 Halloween Cocktails – Wine Wednesday

It’s time to start planning for Halloween! The parties, the costumes, and the Halloween cocktails!

For being a holiday that we get no time off of work for, it’s certainly one of the ones we spend the most time planning for.

A few of my friends are hardcore Halloween party throwers. I’m talking, no costume, no entrance. Plan forever in advance. Hardcore Halloween-ers. I wish I had the drive they do for this fun time of year but for now, I’ll leave it to them.

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I do, however, have time to plan for cocktails! Maybe that’s what I’ll contribute this year. I don’t think anyone will object to that, do you?

The interwebs are chalk full of fun concoctions and I’ve rounded up a dozen for you and me to try! So put the kids to bed, put on some Halloween movies and enjoy a little adult time.

One of mine and my husband’s favourite Halloween movies is Hocus Pocus, we both know it word for word. We’re not big on horror movies, just not our thing. They probably fall in that category of either you love them or hate them, we hate them. Haha!

Since Halloween is falling on a weekday this year (lame) we’ll be bringing the little man around our neighborhood then scarfing down some candy and making some of these bevies.

Don’t forget the post I did last year about wine pairings for Halloween Candy!


Blackberry Sage Margarita

A beautifully spooky drink to enjoy with your witches.
Get the Recipe Here


Blue Devil Cocktail

That colour though! Is your man brave enough?
Get the Recipe Here


Black Magic Margaritas

Fire up some Hocus Pocus with this ghoulish margarita!
Get the Recipe Here


Purple People Eater Cocktail

Warning: no people who are purple should attend gatherings with this cocktail.
Get the Recipe Here

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Witch’s Potion

A great, large-batch drink for your next Halloween gathering.
Get the Recipe Here


Witch’s Heart Cocktail

If a witch had a heart, this cocktail would certainly warm it!
Get the Recipe Here


Black Magic Sangria

Because white magic is overrated and sangria is always the answer.
Get the Recipe Here


Embalming Fluid

Don’t worry, your undead friends will be safe drinking this one.
Get the Recipe Here


Walking Dead Inspired Cocktail

A drink Rick would love if he needed to wind down, or turn up after a long day of zombie slaying.
Get the Recipe Here


Black Magic Shimmering Cocktail

The Sanderson Sister’s would love this one!
Get the Recipe Here


Candy Corn Jell-O Shots

A nostalgic, boozy twist on the Halloween candy.
Get the Recipe Here


Black Magic Jell-O Shots

I think we’re seeing a trend in the naming of Halloween drinks, don’t you? Regardless, these are super tasty and totally worth it!
Get the Recipe Here


How fun were those? I don’t know which I want to try first but I’m really excited! If you have any cocktail recipes for Halloween that I didn’t find share in the comments!

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Twelve Halloween Cocktails - Wine and Mommy Time


Twelve Halloween Cocktails - Wine and Mommy Time

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