Halloween 2017 – Trick or treating and more

I don’t share enough personal stuff with ya’ll. So, with that said, let’s touch base on Halloween 2017!

Every year fun holidays like Halloween sneak up so quickly and are gone before we know it! I did manage to bring you some posts about Halloween Cocktails. If you didn’t get to try any of them this year, fear not, you can save them for next year!

Pairing wine with candy - Wine and Mommy Time - Halloween Post - Wine Wednesday

Last year, Halloween meant my husband and I carrying around our little lion cub. Peyton was seven months old and dressed up in a super cute, furry lion costume. You can read back to that post 12 Halloween Cocktails.

Halloween 2017 - Wine and Mommy Time

This year Mr. P got to be Yoda!

The mall that my work is in had a special trick-or-treating event the weekend before Halloween which we went to. There were hundreds of kids running around having a blast. Peyton included! He was having so much fun running around, seeing the kids and just plain running in general.

Halloween 2017 - Wine and Mommy Time

We didn’t manage to collect much candy because no sooner would he get to a store entrance he was running off somewhere else. I let him just burn off the energy that had clearly been pent up inside.

Thank god my mom came with us because this little man was a handful.

Halloween 2017 - Wine and Mommy Time

On Halloween night we went around our neighborhood. We haven’t really met many of our neighbors so it was nice to knock on doors and see faces. So many nice people, and so much more kids than I thought!

A few of the homes thought he was a “green bunny”. Luckily, we taught him the word Yoda and he would say it. Whether they would listen or understand was up to them, totally fine, it’s Halloween. Joke’s on them. Haha!

Halloween 2017 - Wine and Mommy Time

All and all, Peyton did pretty well! Hubby, my mom and I brought him around a few of the streets around our place and poured out his spoils onto the floor to get a fun photo op before getting him ready for bed.

It was certainly a change from last year when we had to carry him, he was bopping around from house to house, grabbing candy and chips along the way. Want to know how to pair that leftover candy with wine? Check out my post Halloween Candy & Wine Pairing!

Pairing Candy with Wine - Wine Wednesday - Wine and Mommy Time

My work also did a costume and pumpkin carving contest. I was a Snapchat filter. Nothing crazy.

I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween!

What did you and/or your family dress up as? Share below in the comments!

Halloween 2017 - Wine and Mommy Time

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