Why I Took Hiatus – Preventing burnout, it’s okay for you to too!

It’s been awhile! I can’t believe it’s been just over two months since my last post. So much has been going on. The holidays, family, our busy baby and just life in general! This mama needed a mental time out. You know when you just feel like everything needs to slow down. No one should ever feel bad for taking a break. It’s totally normal. As I like to call it, hiatus. I needed one, badly. As I write this I am currently sitting in a local coffee shop soaking up every ounce of me time while the hubby is at work and my mom watches the little man. Life is good people.

Taking a hiatus - Why I took one and why it's okay for you to too - Wine and Mommy Time

Sometimes I really get into these funks where all I wish is that we could go back to a time when we didn’t have social media, notifications, or an unlimited connection to the world. Just for a couple of days, you know? Remember when we were kids and all our phones could do was play snake? Me too, I miss it. Call me a grandma but I think it’s good to just keep it simple every once in awhile. Turn off your notification settings, take your time to reply. All that jazz. With that being said, maybe I may have taken it a bit too far and have totally dropped the ball with some of my friends and contacts, if you are reading this you know who you are and I am sorry, please don’t hate me!

I have missed writing but I just needed a bit of simplicity for a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t lacking in ideas of what to write about. I was brainstorming and charting like crazy! No joke, you should see both my journal and my bullet journal, they’re a mess, in a good way! (Which means I will have a ton for next holiday season, hollaaaaa) However I needed to take a breather and I will tell you why.

I’m a fairly anxious person, I don’t talk about it to many people but I am. You know those articles you see people sharing on Facebook, like 10 Signs You May Have Anxiety, or something along those lines. I can easily identify with most if not all of them. (that may or may not be the name of an article, just giving an example :-P). The point I’m trying to get to is that when I get overwhelmed I kind of just shut down, not a great trait, I know, but I’m working on it!

Do you ever feel burnt out? Like you’re burning the candle on both ends, and that you’re trying to please everyone without taking time for yourself? (How was that for a run-on sentence!?) I have a really bad habit of running myself super thin, not talking waistline (unfortunately), I’m talking when it comes to my needs. I feel like technology can really burn me out, fast. Messages, alerts, scrolling and losing track of what I had originally set out to do, status updates, liking, commenting, and so on. It’s just a lot. Oh and phone calls, don’t get me started, I get palpitations, it’s like, yo, why don’t you warn me first, so aggressive. Okay so that may be a bit overboard, but again, you get it.

Mom life is super tough, any mama will tell you that, and if you are one, it really goes without saying. Balancing a baby, and keeping them entertained, bottles, cooking food for them and sometimes yourself, tons of cleaning and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. By the time his bedtime comes along it’s relieving but when you look back where did the day go? Also, by the time he’s in bed, some days, I don’t want to do something that feels like work.

Over the holidays Peyton got his first cold, started crawling, sprouted another tooth, started pulling himself up on furniture to walk along it, the list goes on. The short of it, it’s been a very busy few weeks with mashing the holidays into the mess as well. Aside from the baby obviously there is my hubby and trying to make time for us. Then, at the bottom of the list, is me, no I’m not placing blame, I’m just saying I don’t make my needs as much as a priority as I should.

Everyone needs a break

Sure writing can be a great release, especially when you have ideas flowing like crazy. However, I can really get caught up in prioritizing things for other people and then I just get stressed out trying to find the time for my own things so I just push them to the side. You know when you’re so busy that you literally can’t remember the last time you changed the polish on your toes? Yeah. That’s just how busy. Trust me, being a self-proclaimed nail polish addict, that’s a big deal.

It goes without saying that the holidays can be hectic. This year was our first holiday season with our little man and I didn’t want to miss a thing. I had a ton of fun taking some holiday pics of our little guy and even got Christmas cards made from Vista Print. Mind you, I still haven’t been able to get them in the mail because well… Life happens.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. Yes I’m sure it seems it but I would rather keep it real with ya’ll rather than keep you in the dark.

Why I took Hiatus - And why its okay for you to too - Wine and Mommy Time

Now that you’ve been updated, and now that you know I’ve not completely disappeared from the interwebs. Since we’ve basically concluded that yes I am human and get overwhelmed from time to time we can move onward and upward!

I’ll keep this short(ish) and sweet. Don’t let yourself burn out. The messages will still be there, Facebook isn’t going to shut down, Instagram and Snapchat will live another day. Just take some time, put your phone down from time to time and unplug if you are feeling overwhelmed. Turn on some music, open a bottle of rose, and dance like no one’s watching, or if they are, fine! You deserve some time to just be in the moment too. Yes I am aware that if you are reading this obviously you are connected in some way, but you get my drift!

A really great way to just unwind and make some mental space for yourself is with yoga. Mindfulness can move mountains in my opinion. Remember my post “How to Get FREE Full-Length Yoga Videos At Home!”? (Note to self, shorten that damn title ;-P). Anywho, DoYogaWithMe.com, is my favourite site. They have meditation, yoga, and more, just go check out that post, I get really into it. Hubby has been taking advantage of the classes for runners and is loving it too.

In my time “away” I also did some goal setting for this coming year which you can read about in my post “Setting Goals for 2017”. Just another thing you can check out and adapt into your life.

Anywho, thank you for reading this through, it’s been like keyboard therapy in a way (haha!). I promise there will be more coming your way soon, you can hold me to it!

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