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Another birthday, come and gone. I can’t believe I’m so close to 30 now. When the hell did that happen? Speaking of birthday’s I’ve come across some fun gifts for wine lovers!

Last week I brought you a post about my 3 favorite birthday cocktails. Boy oh boy, I could have used them all this past Friday.

I’ll get into the gifts for wine lovers later on in this post so sit tight.

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Birthday backstory

Like clockwork, every year, some shenanigans try to mess up my birthday in some way. This year was no different.

Let’s start with the day before. My birthday eve if you will. There was a big storm coming our way. You know, one of those lovely winter storms that the east coast receives each year. The kind of storm that has people acting a fool in grocery stores all around. Clearing the shelves of canned goods, candles, water and wine. And beer too.

We were warned that power would be lost for possibly three days. Three days. Thanks, mother nature. Thank you so, so much.

So Thursday after I dropped the hubby off at work, I ran to get groceries and provisions. We were certainly prepared. I ran water in the bathtub so we’d have water for the little man’s nightly bath. He depends on his schedules, which you can read more about here. I also filled the Crock-Pot (amazon link)  with water to have a bunch of warm water if needed. Along with a few other things, we were pretty set.

At about 3:30, I got a text from my hubby that business’ were closing because roads were becoming too hazardous to drive. Had a feeling that was coming. I could see from our place that it was getting nasty out.

In the dark

My parent’s lost power. But we were still fine. Peyton’s bedtime came and went. We were really relieved that we were able to get him into bed without a hitch. When I went to bed around 10ish, the power was still on.

Fast forward to 2:30 am, Friday morning. I woke up because the fan in our room was off. Not thinking anything of it, I tried to turn it on. The damn power was out. Awesome. I tried to go back to sleep, but I just couldn’t. I was checking the local power outage map, it said we wouldn’t have power until late Sunday night.

Around 7:30, the hubby and I got out of bed and starting packing stuff up to go to my parents’ place since their power was back on. It was a mad scramble in the dark to get everything in the car. Luckily, Peyton didn’t wake up until about 8 am.

After getting to my parents’, Geoff got ready and I drove him to work. When I got back from dropping him off I got in the shower and started getting ready. Happy Birthday to me right? I called our building’s maintenance guy around 11:30 am and he said the power was back on. Yay! So I had Peyton nap at mom and dad’s until I could leave and go back home.

Finally, date time

Geoff and I had already planned a while ago that we were going to check out a Vegetarian restaurant close to us, Heartwood Cafe. First off, the food did not disappoint. It was probably one of the best vegetarian restaurant experiences I’ve ever had, Geoff too. We will certainly be going back. I got the cajun tofu steaks and Geoff got the Thai veggie burger. The house-made hummus and guacamole starter was out of this world.

After dinner, we went to the Clay Cafe. A neat place that you can paint pottery pieces and they will fire them for you. You pick them up a few days later after they’ve processed and voila, nifty pieces you did yourself! I’ve done this a bunch in the past but haven’t in years, it was Geoff’s first time and frankly, I’d love to go back. We ended up picking a couple of little pieces we’d paint for Peyton. I picked a dog, and Geoff picked a car. Can’t wait to see them next week!

The nightcap

After dinner and pottery painting we came back home and relieved my mom of baby duty. Which by that point just meant she was sitting on the couch watching some Netflix. I don’t think she had any complaints. Geoff and I cuddled up and watched The Crown on Netflix. I had a beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon, and he, a stinky IPA.

All and all, the day turned around. Frankly not until about dinner, but regardless. It was all worth the whirlwind of a day.

Now, thank you for sticking with that novel. I shall reward you with some great gift ideas for wine lovers! Any of which, I would certainly accept! Hint, hint, nudge, nudge

Suggested items on Amazon:

Another great option is wine subscription boxes!

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