Gift Guide for Bloggers and Girl Bosses – Blogmas Day 5

This guide is both a guide for blogging must-haves, girl boss guide, and a gift guide for bloggers! Being a blogger myself, I’m sharing some of the items I use, and suggest for want-to-be, new, and seasoned bloggers alike!

Knowing what to buy as a blogger, or for a blogger is a task and a half. There are so many things, and services on the market that we need for a successful venture.

What bloggers want for the holidays

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Having a definitive guide on what to do, and how to do it when starting a blog, or revamping a blog is crucial. My course Rock Your Blog Launch is currently on sale for 80% off! It gives you workbooks, videos, guides, and my formula to making a beautiful, seamless blog that you will be proud of. Did I mention lifetime access?


I use a Snowball by Blue Microphones and am in absolute love! It’s super cute on my desk, doesn’t require a pop filter and is plug and play. Not to mention really affordable. If you already have a microphone and want to upgrade, consider the Blue Yeti. Other than doing voice-overs, I use my mic for my podcast!


Whether you go for a virtual one, or a physical one, having a planner is key. The ever-popular planner or bullet journal is essential for any creative.


While phones do a great job, if you want photos that are high quality, and give better credibility you need to invest in a DSLR camera. I currently use the Nikon D3400 and love it to bits! Nikon’s are really neat because there is actually an app that you download to your phone that will transfer your photos by Bluetooth. The app also works as a remote, again, the key for self-portraits! Also, be sure to pick up a camera bag as well, and a UV lens


Other than a planner, it’s nice to have notebooks on hand. In your purse, laptop bag, work tote. Notebooks everywhere, always. I even keep one in my bathroom so that when I’m getting ready in the morning I can quickly jot things down! Notebooks come in all sorts of sizes so get creative, not like that will be hard for you.


If you plan on taking pictures, vlogging, shooting footage, whatever, you need a tripod. Not only are they great for getting perfect still shots, but if you can take beautiful self-portraits. Save money on a photo shoot, do your own! It will minimize the awkwardness if you’re not comfortable in front of photographers.


Whether it’s a Ring Light, box light, or a LuMee case, if you’re an influencer, blogger or lady boss, you need your images to have good lighting. If you’re a beauty blogger especially, lighting is mandatory. For those of us who are lifestyle bloggers, box lighting is better suited because it’s for broader, diffused light.

Insulated Coffee Mug

We’re all busy, and we need that java, like we need air to breathe – okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme. When you’re deep into your writing, or on the go, it’s easy to make a cuppa and then totally miss drinking it before it goes ice cold. I’m totally guilty of this. However, I detest microwaved coffee. I may be a mom, but microwave my coffee I will not! Keep your coffee warm with an insulated mug!

External Hard Drive

Clouds, backups and online virtual storage are great. However, stuff happens. Site’s go down, accounts get hacked. Having an external hard drive means you can keep everything in one handy place, safe and sound. You will also be keeping your computer free from clutter, which means super speedy computer for you.

Laptop Bag

Don’t be that person who shoves their precious laptop in a tote bag where it’s hardly protected from scratches, bumps, and liquids. It’s nice to be able to show up to a coffee shop with a cute laptop tote bag in hand, which can store all of the things you need. It’s never fun to buy a bag that you feel should belong to the tech guy at your day job, that you’re embarrassed to schlep around with. Go for something you actually want to be seen with.

What bloggers want for the holidays

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What are your favorite, and most used items when it comes to blogging? Leave them in the comments below!

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