14 Fun Gender Reveal Options

First comes the pregnancy test, second comes the panic, third comes the… Gender reveal? Duh!

If you’re pregnant or have been pregnant, one of the most common questions you’ve gotten or will get is “do you know what you’re having?” Obviously, it’s your choice to tell them if you know. It’s also your choice if you even want to find out yourself!

I think we all remember that episode of friends when the girls let it slip to Ross that he was having a son when he didn’t want to know. It was so bittersweet for him, but it really made it sink in that he was going to be a dad. Sure it was fictional, but my husband and I can totally admit that finding out the gender of Peyton really made things feel so much more real. There is no other way to put it.

Gender Reveal Cake - Wine and Mommy Time

Awhile back, I shared my gender reveal. Make sure to check out How I Planned the Perfect Gender Reveal Party. Our reveal was done by a cake reveal.

I’ve seen all sorts of cool ones since doing ours and it makes me want to throw a party every week just to experience them. Better yet, I want the photos!

Let’s break it down into a few sections. There are probably more ways to surprise yourself/loved ones than you think.

Make sure to follow my Pinterest board, aptly titled Gender Reveal Party to see what I’m pinning.


Reveal cakes

Confetti Cake – Source


Surprise cake – Source


Cupcakes – Source


Candy filled cake – Source


Balloons, confetti, pinatas

Surprise balloon box – Source unknown


Balloon/confetti drop – Source unknown


Confetti balloon – Source


Confetti poppers – Source


Metallic confetti poppers – Source


Lantern – Source



Silly string – Source


Smoke bombs – Source


Paint fight – Source


Paint and darts – Source


Which one was your favourite? I’d love to know! Leave yours in the comments below!

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14 Gender Reveal Ideas - Wine and Mommy Time

14 Gender Reveal Ideas - Wine and Mommy Time

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