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Call it baby fever but I love looking at all things baby and pregnancy related! Aside from announcing your pregnancy, finding creative gender reveal ideas are the next big, and fun thing to do! Gender reveal cakes are a great way to celebrate and surprise your loved ones, not to mention you and daddy-to-be! Check out my post 14 fun gender reveal options for even more inspiration.

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If you haven’t read about our gender reveal party you really have to! It has our gender reveal cake in it which was a huge crowd pleaser. Not to mention it served a great purpose telling us that we were having a beautiful baby boy! Not that I needed telling because deep down I had a feeling he would be a boy.

From cake pops to donuts, cakes, balloons, smoke bombs and more, there are so many creative ways to do your gender reveal.

Some people choose to find out the gender and keep it to themselves until the big reveal. All the power to them, you’re lips are clearly better sealed than this mamas!

Gender Reveal Facebook Invite - Wine and Mommy Time
This is what our Facebook event invite looked like!

How to keep it a secret

When we did our gender reveal cake, I had our ultrasonographer write down the gender on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. I then gave it to a coworker who bakes as a side hustle. She was the first person to know, other than the girl who wrote it down. I have to say, those few days between when I gave her the envelope until the day of the reveal were brutal. She sat just a few cubicles down and we pretty much always took lunch or coffee breaks together so yeah, it was hard avoiding her.

Whenever we eventually get pregnant with another baby, I’m not sure if we’ll choose to know and do the reveal ourselves; or if we want to be surprised again. More and more places aren’t even giving you the results because well, it’s not medically necessary, rightfully so. Also, they can and have gotten it wrong, and then you end up buying all of the wrong stuff. So that sucks.

Another option, if you’re not able to find out the gender by ultrasound is by doing blood work. There are tests your doctor can order for you, which are elective, so be prepared to pay for it. Or, there are home tests that you can take as well! While I clearly haven’t tried either… From what I gather, they can predict the gender earlier than ultrasound and are extremely accurate. Going the testing route may make it easier to keep the gender a secret from yourself. Depending on how you receive the results.

16 Gender reveal cake designs

Want to see some themed pregnancy announcements? Check out the links below!

With all of that said.. Let them eat [gender reveal] cake(s)!


Cookie dough M&M gender reveal truffles

Gender reveal pinata cake recipe

DIY gender reveal cake pops

How to make gender reveal cupcakes

Easy marble (watercolor) gender reveal cake

Hearts inside – gender reveal cake recipe

Decor Inspiration:

Donuts about you! // Pinterest
Baseballs or Bows // Pinterest
He or She? Cut to See! // Justine Johnson Blog
Baby Mickey & Minnie // Cakes Decor
Superman or Supergirl // Pinterest
It’s a… // Pinterest
Star Wars, Blue side or Pink side // Pinterest
Twinkle twinkle little star // A Love for Cakes
We donut know! // The Cake Mamas
Pink & Blue Twinkle Twinkle cake // @thoughtfulcakes
Oh Baby // Maria’s Sweet Cakery
What’s the scoop? // Pinterest
Beauty or Beast? // Pinterest
Touchdowns or tutus // Pinterest
Oh Baby sprinkle cake // Weddbook
It’s A… // Riane Lutz Photography

What comes after a gender reveal cake?

Your baby! And with your new baby comes a few more parties, you know, just a few right?

If you’re done planning the gender reveal, why not start planning their first birthday? That’s a natural progression, right?

I have a sugar-free cake smash recipe that our son absolutely loved! Made with applesauce and all sorts of nutritious bits! And guess what the “icing” is made out of… Well, you’ll have to go check out the recipe to know that. Other than your typical smash cake, people are also doing all sorts of wacky, and unconventional first birthday smashes, I’ve compiled some for you here!

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How did your gender reveal turn out? I’d love to know in the comments below!

16 Gender reveal cake designs

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