Gender-Neutral Nurseries

Who doesn’t love a great gender neutral nursery? Especially if you have more than one kid or are planning to have more.

I’ve tried to stay fairly neutral with Peyton’s nursery. Mind you, the one he’s in now is his third nursery. And yes, he is only one. We’ve done a lot of moving this year. It’s exhausting to think about.

Right now, I wouldn’t say we have a theme. Rather, a color theme. Anything espresso wood, cream, or light colours. No superheroes, no cars, or sports, just normal. Maybe when he’s older I’ll revisit theming his room more, like when he has interests he can verbalize to us. But for now, I think gender and theme neutral are the best bet.

You see so many adorable girly pink bedrooms, or sporty baby boy bedrooms, but I think neutral rooms are just so chic. I’m talking, shabby chic woodland themed. Mountain themed, or even just a single color in a few different shades.

In my Pinterest board filled with nursery inspiration and organization, I have compiled a ton of all three types of nurseries. Everyone’s taste and aesthetic are so different so I’m constantly adding to it. Also, it’s just fun to see all of the creative designs parents have come up with for their little ones.

Check out some of the ones that have caught my eye lately!

Land Of Nod: Design for Kids and People That Used to be Kids
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Gender Neutral Nurseries

Koda’s Nursery

I love the simplistic nature of this nursery. It’s not over-styled, it would work for either a baby girl or a baby boy and has so much ability to grow with their child. Lindsay over at Lot801 did an awesome job with this room. The little woodland touches are so cute, without screaming baby which is a really chic look.


Calm Coastal Gender Neutral Nursery

Calm & Costal Nursery

Emily from Table and Hearth did a beautiful job on this nursery. I may have to steal that wall colour in the future… There’s just something about those plank walls and the juxtaposition against the beautiful wood floors. The finishing’s look oh so cozy and who doesn’t love a vintage-esque crib?


Begin life in style with
Gender Neutral Nursery

The Perfect Gender Neutral Nursery

Hudson & Sadie’s mom Julie really got it right with this stunner of a nursery. The Girl in the Red Shoes certainly has an eye for personal details. I especially love the personal touch of family photo’s for the new little bundle to gaze up at. The colour palate for this room is so bright and fresh, it’s just so serene.


Gender Neutral Woodland Nursery

The Woodlands Nursery

Like I mentioned above, woodlands, or mountain theme are some of my favourite decor theme’s for nurseries. There’s something so calming and wonderful about nature. Also, grey, hello. You can’t get anymore agreeable than that shade. Which seems to be the common theme with most of these rooms. Project Nursery, I love your work, and may need to call on you to bring inspiration to our current nursery at home!

Land Of Nod: Design for Kids and People That Used to be Kids

Now, if you want to create a gender neutral nursery of your own, I’ve done you a solid and found a fantastic post from Think or Blue. You’re welcome.

They will show you how they planned their’s out and how you can too. Just click the photo below!

How to Plan a Gender Neutral Nursery


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  1. Hiya! Thanks so much for including our gender-neutral nursery in your round-up. I hope this helps parents-to-be with their planning! Great site 🙂

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