First Birthday Cake Smash Alternatives

First birthday cake smash alternatives

Isn’t it funny how it’s totally acceptable for a baby to go ape on a cake for the sake of a photo shoot? But then when their older, we tell them not to play with their food? Maybe that’s the entire meaning of “let them be little.”

Regardless, you can’t deny the cuteness and the fun that’s involved in a good cake smash!

I totally, 300% regret not getting to do a cake smash shoot for Peyton. Around his first birthday, we were so busy with getting our place ready to move into that time escaped us. I even bought a cute outfit and everything!

I did, however, make time to bake his cake. It was a sugar-free, banana and applesauce cake! It was super tasty and he really liked it. You can find the recipe here!

Fool-Proof Sugar-Free First Birthday Smash Cake Recipe

You deserve it too!

If your little one has a first birthday coming up, you know how fast time has gone. It’s like in a blink of an eye, they’re one! An entire year has past and you all survived it!

Maybe just by the skin of your teeth, but you did it!

Whoever said the first year of marriage was the hardest, clearly didn’t have a baby yet. Marriage is a cakewalk (pun intended) in comparison to the first year of parenthood.

When Peyton was a few months old and going through his colic stage, people always told me, it would get better. Believe me, mama, it really does.

Sure, it gets scary when they start crawling, and then walking and falling everywhere, but, it gets to be so much more fun! Or rather gets fun, period.

I remember being back to work for only a short time and being home one evening thinking to myself, why doesn’t maternity leave start to kick in a year after they’re born? It’s so much more enjoyable! Government, you need to give us more time.

Let them eat cake or something like it!

Anyway, totally getting off track there… whoops!

Time to get to the cake-spiration! That’s a new word, I just made it.

Oh, I have to now let you know as well, get ready for the non-conventional smash “cakes” to follow. Because well, it’s fun to not do the norm!

Watermelon, how cute! (Source)

A little pie in the face! (Source)


Fruitcake, that people will actually eat! (Source)

BBQ anyone? (Source)

Girl, you had me at taco (Source)

Don-ut grow up! (Source)

Paint party, table for one! (Source)


Little cookie monster (Source)

Say yes to sprinkles (Source)

Donut holes, or as Canadia’s know them, Timbits! (Source)

Some s’ketti! (Source)

I scream you scream! (Source)

And this because it doesn’t always need to be about the baby! (Source)

Were those fun or what? What are you going to do for your little one’s first birthday? Share below in the comments!

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12+ Cake Smash Alternatives

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