Passive Income – How I Made My First $100 Blogging

Passive income and blogging. Let’s have a little chat about it.

What is it exactly? Well, when you can make money off of things you sell on auto-pilot, that’s passive income. If it takes little to no effort to get you the dough, that’s passive income.

Want some more examples? Okay. Say you have a great idea for some fun shirts that you want to sell, but you don’t want to make them yourself or deal with the shipping. You design them, then that’s it! A website produces them, deals with the money, shipping, and all that non-fun stuff.

Well, that is exactly where my first line of income came in from this blog. It was pretty awesome to get an email saying people were liking my designs and that they were actually purchasing them!

I’ve also bought some myself, because hello, advertising. The shirt below is from my post about how you can make cold brew at home, check it out!

Easy Cold Brew at Home

What site did I use? Glad you asked!

Customized Girl!

You may have seen little ad’s in my sidebar, or within posts, like the one below this line. Well, those were designed by yours truly.

Mom Life Tank Tops

It was free for me to open my little shop on their site, and I probably only spent about 2 hours in total designing all of the designs you see on there. From time to time I will add more, or take some away. Whatever I feel like because why not!

While I don’t receive the full dollar amount people are spending on these shirts, I do get a commission. The commission you receive is based on the product. For instance, some shirts have a higher markup than others. Regardless, this is a great form of passive income.

I will never forget when I started getting emails from Customized Girl congratulating me on a sale, then another, then another! It was so thrilling. Honestly, most of the time I would get them while binge watching Netflix. Can’t complain there!

So many bloggers make money in all sorts of ways. Some offer products, some teach courses. There are bloggers who sell meal plans or advice on parenting. You name it, someone is making money off of it online.

You don’t have a blog already to back up your shop? No problem! Twitter is free, so is Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Catch my drift friend?

Adversely, if you want to start a mommy blog, I have a post to get you started with some ideas to get your creative juices flowing! Check out my post named Why You Need Your Own Mommy Blog. That posts has 30 writing prompts to get you off to a great start.

What it all comes down to is your posting power. Your followers, how relatable your product is and how attainable it is.

Maybe you don’t want shirts. Do you have a knack for designing cool PDF files that people would buy from you? I’m talking Etsy shops. While I don’t run one of those myself, yet, I’ve purchased from so many of them and realized after the fact, hey I could have made that for free. But I didn’t, which was their gain.

My main point to you is that there is always a piece of the pie out there and you might as well grab you a slice!


Did you open up a Customized Girl shop after reading this post? If so I’d love to see it! Drop your link below for myself and others to check it out.


Do you want a friend to make a shirt shop with you? Share it on their Facebook or on other social platforms using my buttons!


How I Made My First $100 as a Blogger

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