How to Find Your Mom Tribe

Motherhood can make you feel really isolated and alone. Your non-mom friends are able to come and go as you used to and you probably feel left behind. But you know what, you’re so not. I want to help you find your mom tribe.

When my little guy was a newborn up until about five months old, we were living on the other side of the country from our family and childhood friends. None of our friends there had kids which was really hard for us. Especially for me, being home, alone with our little bundle.

I spent a lot of my time going for long stroller walks. Grocery shopping became my hobby. However, after awhile I realized, hey. There are other women in the same boat as me. I can’t possibly be the only one going through this alone.

Guess what, I wasn’t.

Through scrolling Pinterest, something clicked. All of these things I was saving, about my new life as a mom, were written by moms.

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What does that tell you? That there is a virtual community of moms. Mommy bloggers! That’s when I started this blog. On September 1st, 2016, I bought my domain and here I am today.

Having something I can pour my heart into has really helped fill that void. Other than the love I have for my little man, and my hubby obviously. It’s a great creative outlet, and one of my favorite ways to de-stress.

Blogging leads me into another avenue to meet other moms. Aside from having babies and writing, do you know how many Facebook mommy groups are out there? It’s nearly impossible to put a number on it.

Here are some things you can search for when looking for a Facebook mommy group:

  • Local mom groups
  • Statewide/province-wide mom groups
  • Mommy blogger groups
  • Parenting groups for different nationalities
  • Lifestyle groups for moms
  • Moms who travel
  • Recipes for families
  • Baby and parent fashion
  • Postpartum help
  • Fitness tips for moms

And so much more.

Anything you could possibly think of could be out there for you to find. You just have to find it!

Here are some of the Facebook groups I’m a part of:

Now, some groups do require you to submit some information. It’s just so they know you’ll be safe for the group. It’s an approval process. While I know that can make you feel like an outsider, keep in mind there can be sensitive topics in some of these groups. So be mindful and keep that in mind.

There are also apps! Shocker I know. While I’m not on any of those, yet… If you’re so inclined, check some of them out.

Okay, some of those sound pretty cool… I may need to pop on and check some of them out. Many of them are like Tinder, for meeting mom friends.

Aside from meeting other moms while ordering at Starbucks in the middle of the day, online is a great way. Why? Because it’s hard to meet people in real life. Let’s be honest. Sometimes, it’s just easier to be on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. And mom’s understand that.

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Mom’s get other moms. Maybe we just need someone to get some quick meal ideas from. Or maybe someone just to rant to about how much your boobs are hurting because your baby is teething and nursing, at the same time. There’s a mom friend for that. Hell, there’s a mom tribe for that.

Do you have any tips? Let them be known! Leave them in the comments below.

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How to Find A Mom Tribe Online

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