My Favourite Christmas Memory – Blogmas Day 24

Blogmas Day 24. AKA, Christmas Eve! First off, I can’t believe that I actually accomplished Blogmas 2017. It was certainly a huge undertaking. Make sure to check out my post at the halfway mark!  It’s about time I get personal and share my favourite Christmas memory.

I find it very fitting that we’re in Cape Breton for Christmas Eve. It’s been quite some time. Actually, the last time we were here on Christmas Eve, was where this story began!

If you read my post, How Wine and Mommy Time Began you’ll know that my husband and I spent some time doing long distance. Halfway through that time, he proposed. This is the story of that day and night. The funny, the weird, the happy and everything in between.

The backstory

I have to start by telling you that Christmas wasn’t always great for my family. When I was 11 my grandfather died on Boxing Day. His home was really where our family came together and did the holidays. Even when my grandmother was still living, after he was gone it just wasn’t the same. The family started growing apart and we stopped doing holidays together.

When started dating, I would spend Christmas with my significant other’s’ families. Maybe it was to run from the memory of my grandfather passing. Or maybe because I was trying to fill that void of a family not being close. A distraction I guess. However you want to read it, I basically just didn’t care too much for Christmas as a whole.

Geoff was the first person I could really open up to about the whole situation. The first Christmas I spent with his family he made sure to tell them about my weariness. They were so accommodating and I really appreciated that.

I promise this story will take a turn for the happy. It’s coming, I promise!

In summer of 2009, I left for Vancouver. Not knowing if Geoff and I would make it. We had some arguments, the distance was hard, really hard. A four hour time difference isn’t exactly ideal. When I was planning on coming home for Christmas I made the choice to go to him and his family first.

Christmas break 2009

A week before Christmas 2009, I flew to Cape Breton. Geoff worked most of that week so on Christmas Eve when he got home I was so excited to finally spend some time with him. He was really nervous and acting very strange. We were at home, with his parents and his two sisters. Christmas music on, the fireplace channel on TV, really cozy.

Geoff kept asking me to go out to dinner but I was pretty much settled in for the night and happy to be home with him. Eventually, he gave up asking and called a cab to get snacks at the corner store. Weird, I know. When he got back, Geoff started handing out chocolate bars. The room went oddly quiet, I think I was too immersed in the arm with the poker jabbing at the burning log on the screen.

Next thing I knew, Geoff was down on one knee, his mom who was sitting beside me, and two sisters sitting across from me were tearing up and his dad was smiling. He was proposing! I remember a mention of Christmas’ with me being special, wanting to spend more together and then just a blur of words. Why I said the next thing that came out of my mouth is beyond me. “Get to the point.” Blunt, I know. So he just came out and said it “Libby, will you marry me?”. My response, “are you serious!?” Obviously, my next word was “yes”!

So with that, we were engaged!

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We called my parents, who did not know it was coming. Dad I think was having wine and thought me saying “you’re going to have a son” meant I was somehow pregnant. Haha! No dad, clearly not pregnant, but you’re gaining a new son. Silly, silly man. Mom was so excited and squealy, similar to how she was when we told them I was pregnant.

It really goes without saying that, that Christmas memory was my favorite. It’s one for the books for sure!

And with that, I’m so so happy to be back in Cape Breton for Christmas Eve!

What is your favorite Christmas memory? I’d love to know in the comments below!

My Favorite Christmas Memory - Blogmas Day 24

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